June 12, 2011

The new blog

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The new blog address is:

I hope to see you there!


June 9, 2011


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I am moving over to Blogger.

Quite frankly, I wrote a craft blog on there before, and I miss using Blogger a lot, even after a year of using WordPress. I told myself when I started this blog on WordPress that it would grow on me and I would love it, but quite frankly WordPress isn’t as robust as I would like.

I especially miss the Google Analytics feature that Blogger allows – I can see when people view my blog, but many of you don’t comment and that leaves me feeling like I am talking only to cyberspace (even though I know I’m not). Google Analytics doesn’t tell me a ton more, but it tells me when people are linking to my site and what country my readers are from, at least.

I will post the new link here as soon as I have it set up – I want to move all of my old posts over before I give out the link as well, so that your blog readers do not become inundated by outdated posts.


Stay tuned….

June 8, 2011

What’s in a Name?

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As the wedding approaches, I am being asked the same question on an increasingly steadily basis. Will you be taking his name or keeping your own?

The trend on my dad’s side of the family seems to be hyphenating your name. Parent-Legge, Parent-Wallace, Parent-Tasik… if looking at that side of the family it would seem obvious that I would hyphenate my name as well… but, I really don’t want to have to write all that out all the time. (Yes, I am willing to make such a big decision based on something as selfish as laziness).

Then there are those that tell me that, as a feminist, I should at the very least be keeping my own name, if not demanding that he take my name. In my mind, the taking of your partner’s name is symbolic of the relationship you have committed to each other.

You have sworn to spend the rest of your lives together, for better or for worse. In a perfect world, we might be able to take the last names of each partner, and combine them to create a new last name – perhaps in my case Parent and Brodeur would make Brodent. But of course, that is not realistic as you would not be able to trace lineage or connect families to one another in any shape or form.

This then begs the question of why the man wouldn’t take the woman’s last name. I have no problem with this… for other people. But I have never even considered asking Gilles if he would like to take my last name. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I am also a traditionalist?

There has really never been a question about the fact that I will be taking Gilles’ last name when we get married. In fact, I already have my new business cards. But, I don’t expect everyone to agree with my decision either.

June 1, 2011

Why hello again

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It looks like May was an even bigger failure than April, doesn’t it?

There are about thirty blog posts written up in my head, and tons of (weird, according to Gilles) pictures stacked up on the camera, ready to make the jump from mental and physical, to the virtual world.

Of course, in order to access those pictures I must be at home and ready to upload them onto the computer, and that doesn’t seem to be happening.

SO instead, I give you a couple old pictures, and a run-down of how wedding planning is going.

Oh, hey! Who is this cutie??

This is a picture of Gilles from roughly grade 2 (I didn’t write the grade down).


When I was at the farm a couple of weeks agao, my mom and I sat down together and put together a list. Because – quite frankly? I was starting to freak out. A little bit of OhmygodsomuchtodosolittletimewhatamIgonnado going on.

I came up with the following (crossed off items are now complete):

1. Wedding favors –

buy mints

put mints in tins

buy labels

cut/stick labels

2. Gift table

paint wagon

3. Advice board

find/buy board

buy cute sticky notes/pins

decorate boards (2/3 complete)

4. Church

get baptism certificates

set up mtg with saskatoon priest

meet with priest (do & send paperwork)

meet with Fr. Jos

 – decide on:

  • alter servers
  • readings (who? what?)
  • music (what? how?)
  • decorations / reserved signs (not allowed)
  • unity candle holders
  • unity candles
  • pictures (allowed? where?) > contact photographers
  • choose ushers
  • ask ushers
  • make programs
  • print programs
  • buy / sharpen pencils
  • talk to Caleb (guitar)
  • talk to Levi (video0

5. Caterer (confirm numbers)

6. Wedding transportation “just married” sign

7. Put ribbon on shoes

8. Dance classes (3/4)

9. Confirm flowers

10. Rent cloth napkins

11. Phone seamstress

12. Get dress > Waiting on phone call! (EEK)

13. Get liquor license

14. Get marriage license

15. Get wedding ring (will be in soon)

16. Find out how much wedding cake will cost (phone back Lucie [provide Lucie with topper])

17. Buy gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen, donation for alter servers, Ed, priest

18. Discuss/write speaches

19. List of photos want taken

20. Buy Gilles pants/shoes

21. Arrange/throw Gilles’ stag

22. Finalize numbers for wedding

23. Food #s and plans *By June 15*

24. Buy bridal jewellery (waiting on dress)

25. Buy lingerie

26. Finish wedding slideshow

27. Vases: finalize numbers, sizes, beads.


Need to take a breath?

Okay… here’s another picture.

This is me in Grade 4.


Anyway, you would think that this would be my entire life right now right?

Well, believe me, it is seeming like it. Except, I’m still going to movies with friends, I’m still going to the gym 3x/week, I’m still working full time, and I’m still working on my garden and relaxing a bit.

This week will be crazy. Tomorrow morning is my convocation ceremony, my parents and Memere are over tonight and all day tomorrow, and there is a BBQ in the evening. (The celebration for friends will have to come later. Like, in August.) Then Friday I work all day, and then that evening is my (2nd) bridal shower. (Oh yeah, I’ve already sent out the thank-you cards for the first one… but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten… the gifts are still sitting in the guest room). THEN, Saturday is my stagette. I’m told it starts in the afternoon sometime. That’s about all I’m told.

On Sunday I’d really like to get the wagon spraypainted and figure out what readings we will be doing etc. for the mass, so that I can make the programs.

But honestly?

I think I’ll likely spend most of the day asleep. (And/or hungover by what small hints I’ve been getting from my MOH).

Whew. Is it any wonder I haven’t been posting much? I haven’t even gotten into the priest being an ass, or my dress still not being here, or finding out last minute that I need new copies of our baptismal certificates, or realizing that there may be almost 100 fewer people at the wedding than I anticipated.

Have a headache? Me too. Here’s anothe picture. This one is of Gilles and I when we were first dating in high school – Michael decided to take it when we came home from Moose Jaw later than we were supposed (about 1am)











May 10, 2011

Friend of Foe?

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Welcome to the first edition of Friend or Foe, where you tell me… friend or foe??

This is the first year that I have ever been able to (sort of) say that I have my own garden. It still isn’t really what I’d call a garden… but it’s better than pots by far!

We moved into the house last August, and I prepped last fall by pulling up the grass where we couldn’t mow (resulting in a natural curvy shape), and planting some perennials. I didn’t know if any would survive the winter, but I thought it was worth a shot anyhow!

Now the spring has come, and I’m starting to see some of these perennials, among other things, come up from the undergrowth… when I look closely.

This is what my garden looked like when I started digging and pulling a few days ago…

Lovely, no?

In one section of the garden there were many plants that look like the picture below. This is the first plant I need your help with. It is obvious that it is an invasive plant, as it is taking up much of the garden  but I have no idea what it is. Any ideas?

Click on pictures to make them larger.

Here is a close-up. Note the tiny ball-seed things?

In other news, I do have six bunches of irises that I planted in the fall coming up.

See? See?

I also planted two bushes today – a bleeding hearts bush, and a potentilla bush.

This is the potentilla bush. Right now it is about t6″ wide and 8″ tall, but will eventually grow to be about 2′ each way. It gets covered in small yellow flowers in the summer.

While this bush is pretty sad looking right now, I’m hoping a little TLC will perk it up.

I love the way bleeding heart flowers look.

I also have this plant growing. I am pretty sure it is something that I planted in the fall. My best bet is that my marigolds actually went to seed and that this is the result, but I am far from sure. What are your thoughts?

All in all, I had a pile about 3′ wide and 2′ high of deadgrowth and pulled grass by the time I was done. This completes the first phase, and hopefully by this weekend I will be able to plant some seeds in there!

May 9, 2011


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I posted four times in all of April, and this is the first time I am posting this month?! I refuse to believe it.

And unfortunately, this won’t be a long post either.

I have been trying to post almost daily, but it just hasn’t been surfacing. After all, I have been insanely busy both at work and on my own time.

The wedding is two months away today.

I can still hardly believe it – where has the time gone?

Planning is going well… but keeping me stupidly busy.

I will provide updates later – but in the meantime here are some pictures from the hair/make-up trial over the weekend…

Kelsey hasn’t gotten her hair done yet as the hairdresser estimated it would take roughly three hours to curl her hair… will post pics of her hair when it’s done!

April 29, 2011

It’s my birthday, I can cry if I want to…

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Today has been such a weird day.

I slept in. I had a hard time getting dressed because Guen was incessently attacking my feet. The city decided to be idiots and put a bus stop right in the middle of the Clarence/College traffic clog. I got stuck behind a street sweeper. I got stuck behind a beginner semi driver. I cried when I saw Liberal supporters touting their signs…

Wait. What?

I have two stress signs. 1) I start crying at absolutely nothing. 2) I get really sick.

While I am coughing a bit, I am not very sick so I am considering myself to be within the first stress sign. And why shouldn’t I be? I have been insanely busy at work and at home.

But yesterday was good. While the workday was nuts, Darla gave me a Timmy’s gift card as a thank-you gift, and Gilles and I had our first dance class. And this morning wasn’t that bad – I got to work only a couple minutes late, I got to wear jeans to work today… and the day got better from there – Darla got me a picture frame (and a funny card) for my birthday, and I won the VIP Parking spot for the month of May.

Tonight my mom and sister are getting up to the city, and joining Gilles and I as well as thirteen other friends at Tusq tonight! I have a groupon where I paid $30 for $60 of food and drinks that I will use, and plan to have a grand old time of it! Then tomorrow I am shopping with Mom and Kelsey – I am hoping to go to the non-mall stores. Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Reitmans, Walmart, Giant Tiger, and Zellers specifically. The more I can stretch the money I get the better!

This is Tusq, the restaurant/bar we are going to tonight. It’s classy for a change! (Not that Tusq isn’t always classy… the places we go just usually aren’t).

April 21, 2011


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It’s pronounced ‘gwen-i-var’. And I love him 🙂 We call him Guen (gwen) for short.

Anyway, Guen had his first vet appointment on Tuesday, and he did really well. He didn’t like riding in the cat carrier very much on his way to the appointment, although he did calm down when my arm was hanging in the cat carrier for him to look at.

At the vet office he did really well… I had a hard time getting him to sit on my lap in the waiting room (he is so energetic at that time of day!) but luckily I had noticed that he was eating when we left the house, so I had tossed some kitten food into the little dish in the carrier. I held this little dish of food in front of him on my lap, and he sat there and ate until his appointment. Yay! In his appointment of course, he was a playful little brat. He kept sitting on the vet’s paper and trying to eat her pen while she wrote down his information. He is already 0.98kg!

A (very uncomfortable) shot later, and a long-winded attempt to take his picture for the website (I finally got a picture when he climbed on my shoulder after they left the room for a couple minutes. It isn’t up yet, but once it is, he will join the parade of animals here.

His ride back home was uneventful – he was too distracted playing with his toy mouse to even notice that we were moving. (Catnip does that to you I guess!)

Yesterday I gave him his first deworming pill, and he was a champion about it – ate it right up.

It is certainly an adventure to have the little one in the house! This morning Gilles awoke to Guen attacking his head…

Here are some more pictures for you 🙂

April 13, 2011

The new little addition to our family

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Welcome, Guenhwyvar. I can guarantee that you will see a lot of him in the future.

April 5, 2011

For the love of blog!

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I love blogs.

While I may not have been blogging long, (I am approaching my one-year anniversary though – wow!) I have definitely been reading blogs for a long time. This has made me somewhat of a subjective blog reader. Unfortunately, I don’t pass many of my blog reading habits on to improve my own blog. For instance – If the blog post contains no pictures and lots of words, I will read roughly the first third in depth and skim through the rest. (With exception to a few blogs, or exceptionally interesting posts). I blame this habit on university, and getting a thousand emails a day at work.

I have a few blogs that I read religiously. The moment I see a new entry fall into my blog reader, I am opening it up to see what the writer has to say. Some of these blogs are great to read, some are embarrassing to admit that I read. My ‘must-read-now’ list includes:

Crow Seer’s Blog – This is the blog of a good friend of mine. She is just getting into the blogging world and doesn’t post very often, but when she does, she takes time to think about what she needs to get out into the universe.

The Splines – This is one of those ones that you hate to admit to loving reading. But, it is like reading a fiction novel – it isn’t real peoples’ lives, and it is a story all the same… and I love me some Sims.

Advertising/Design Goodness – This one shows the industry that I work in. This blog is always full of great ads, perfect for getting the creative juices flowing.

HELLOmynameisHeather – While not frequently posted in, and related to an actual company, this blog frequently has things that inspire me creatively for my arts and crafts.

Lucy Knisley – A comic artist whose posts are (almost) always roll off your chair funny, and inspiring. Her latest comic encompasses the entire first four books of the Harry Potter series.

Live out Loud – Once upon a time I went to see a play called The Full Monty. I was very impressed by the lead actor’s performance, and subsequently ‘googled’ his name to see what other plays he was in. I was disappointed not to find anything at the time, but did find this blog, belonging to his wife, also an actress. (Wow, that’s a lot of commas). Subsequent commenting on each others’ posts has now blossomed into a friendship, for which I am grateful.

PostSecret – While its growth from a niche website to a large company that publishes books and has tours has somewhat devalued postsecret for me, I still enjoy looking at the post cards that are sent in.

In addition to my ‘must reads’, I also have many other blogs that I follow. I read them daily, all of them good. As soon as I get tired of a blog, or find that I like it but it posts so much that I feel unundated, I simply ‘unfollow’ it. I am not going to read a blog that I feel is too imposing upon me. Basically, if a blog posts more than once a day, I will not read it – with a couple exceptions. I have to really love the blog to read that much. But this is for good reason – according to my reader, I am currently I am following 147 blogs! I’m not doing so bad if I say so myself… my ‘must-reads’ are all read, and I only have 795 posts currently unread in my reader (The oldest dating March 24, 2011). I try to get it down to 500 by the end of each day, but that won’t be happening today as it accumulated more than usual over the weekend.

How many blogs do you read? Do you use a reader to keep track of them?

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