June 1, 2010

Paper Pushing

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When computers became mainstream, the idea of a paperless office was toted as being the way of the future. They said that computers would eliminate the need for paper files, and in turn, save the environment.

Today, many years after the advent of the personal computer, the amount of paper being shoved around by the average worker has been increased exponentially.

Some claim that this is due to the instability of computers, and the necessary need for a back-up paper files. Others state that this is due to the increased availability of information through the internet.

Whatever the reason, paper continues to be needlessly wasted.

The ideology of a paperless office still continues to this day, with Microsoft including tips on how to make that dream a reality on their website.

However, the amount of paper being used on a daily basis continues to increase, and to strain the earth’s resources.

It is easy to say that we are going to do something about it. Most of us talk the talk “Oh, yeah. Of course I recycle.” But how many of us walk the walk?

I can’t count the number of times I have crunched up boxes so that they would fit in my garbage, or thrown a stack of old school papers away. At work I am very careful to recycle, so why aren’t I at home?

I like to think that it is because there simply isn’t enough room in the apartment, and that as soon as we get a bigger place I will start to recycle paper at home more. As it is, I keep my bottled recycling in the trunk of my car, because there isn’t room for it anywhere in the house. But is this really an excuse?

I mean, if I really, really wanted to be making a difference, I could be filling a reusable grocery bag with paper and cardboard, and emptying it at the local bin. It isn’t as though it is very far away – 5 minutes walk there.

Maybe that is what I should be doing. Yes, that is what I will do. 

To improvement.


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