July 20, 2010

We Interrupt This Program…

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In case you weren’t aware, (which I think half the world is), I’ve been tearing my hair out for a few weeks now. (Figuratively speaking of course.)

See, I found out on the 8th that my contract at work has been extended from the end of August to the end of April.

Now, I’ve been looking for a job for the fall for some time now, but there isn’t a lot available at the moment. At least, not a lot available that I’m not overqualified for. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

So when I found out that my contract had been extended, Gilles and I decided that it was time for us to move.

Thus started the never-ending discussion. Well, when can we afford to move? Not September, because having to come up with first and last month rent would be too much on top of my tuition, especially if Gilles is gone to school.

October could work, but by then all of the good housing has been swallowed up by the University students.

We quickly came to the conclusion that while it would make money tight for a couple of months, the best time to move would be August.

This launched me into a frantic search for rentals on Kijiji, the Star Phoenix website, and the websites of rental companies I could think of. We saw several places in two weeks, a few of which were offered to us. Unfortunately, the ones that were offered to us were typically too expensive, or in a neighborhood I was uncomfortable with (not good for someone who is paranoid of having her place being broken into), or in too rough of shape.

On Tuesday of last week, we were ready to sign papers for a place owned by Boardwalk. We had to wait until morning, as the office was closed for the day. That night, we got a phone call. See, I had posted an ad that Gilles and I were looking for a place on Kijiji, as my boss had told me she knows several people who rent out places that merely go through the Wanted ads, rather than actually posting the place and having to field 100 calls.

So, we got this phone call on Tuesday night at ~ 9:30PM, from a woman who has a house for rent. She wanted us to drive by the house and see if we were interested, and then give her a call back. We looked at the place, and loved what we saw. We called back immediately.

Our appointment to see the place was on Friday. Both Gilles and I fell in love with the place, and had a very hard time not getting our hopes up. She told us afterward that we are the type of people that she is looking for to rent the place, but still had a couple of appointments to show the place on Sunday, so there was no guarantee we would get it.

At work yesterday, I overheard a phone call that my boss received. At first I didn’t clue in on what was going on, just that she was talking about me a lot. It didn’t clue in that she was giving a reference for me until she said “Well, I’ve only met Gilles a couple times…”

I was walking on eggshells for the rest of the work day, wanting to get home to check the answering machine terribly bad.

At lunch, I received a phone call (immediately after exploding my bowl of soup all over the microwave) from a couple that had been holding a duplex for us. She asked if we had any idea what our situation was yet. I told her that we were still waiting to hear back from the lady about the house, but were expecting to hear back that day. She told me that they could no longer hold the duplex for us. It killed me to let that opportunity pass, but I said okay. I was still quite shaken from my soup exploding, so I don’t know whether I said thank-you or anything.

Gilles got home before me, and informed me that the only message on our machine was from CAA – none about the house. I asked my neighbor if she had been phoned for a reference, and she said no. I started to worry. (After all, isn’t that what I do best?)

Finally, shortly after Gilles and I sat down to eat supper, the phone rang. Despite the fact that we have no Call ID, and she usually called later in the night, I knew it was her. She asked Gilles to put her on speaker-phone. Aaaand… *drumroll please* we got the house! (Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?)

We sign the papers and hand over August’s rent tonight. Gilles wants me to wait to put it on Facebook until he can tell his family in person, which I can understand. Upon my asking if I could put it on my blog, he responded “Yeah, I don’t care. No one reads it anyway”.

Thanks, sweetie.

Although it is difficult to see in this picture, this is our new home:

(Soon-to-be) Home Sweet Home


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