July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday – Take 4

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Ten Things to do Instead of Watch TV

1 – Surf the internet: the internet has a million things to look at, play with, and watch that are fully customized to your liking. In fact, I spend much more time on the internet than watching TV because of this very fact.

2 – Read a book: seriously. The way I see it, if you don’t get at least one novel finished every month, you are not spending enough time reading. (This is a big distinction by the way, from my childhood belief that you had to finish at least two novels/week.)

3 – Take a walk / bike ride: If the weather is good, why not get out of the house? No matter where you are, there is always somewhere to go. You can go along the river (if you are in Saskatoon), or go down the street looking at houses (if you are in a town or city), or you can just go down the road and take in the fresh air, if you are on the farm. Just go.

4 – Go out for coffee: In my area, there are tons of cute little coffee shops begging me to grace their doorways with my presence. (Okay, that may be an exaggeration. Maybe the begging is more on my end.) But my point is, coffee shops are a great place to connect with friends/family/loved ones, and take in a bit of the local culture at the same time.

5 – Go to a play: The boob-tube isn’t the only way to escape into an alternate reality, where everything is scripted and laid out in front of you. In fact, plays are a great way to a) socialize, b) have fun, c) unwind, d) have a laugh/cry, e) all of the above

6- Go to an art show or museum: Okay, I am guilty with this one. I always say that I want to get down to the Mendel Art Gallery to see their shows… I probably say that every time a new show is announced. However, I have yet to ever go to the Gallery! This is on my list of stuff to do this year though (we’ll see if I actually get to it).

7 – Knit/Cross-stitch: Bringin’ out my grandmotherly side here 😛 I love to relax by knitting or cross-stitching. Right now I’m cross-stitching a piece for my future sister-in-law’s nursery.

8 – Clean: If I spend a lot of time watching TV, chances are it means I’m procrastinating and my house is a mess.

9 – Bake: Maybe this should have gone before clean. I love to bake. Unfortunately, I don’t eat the baking, and it usually ends up either a) going bad before it gets finished, or b) passed around at work to

10 – Sleep. Argh I am so tired right now, and while it isn’t the case today, this often occurs because I ‘have’ to finish my television program before I go to bed…


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