August 18, 2010

Fun Finds Friday Vol. 3 (For July 30)

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Today’s theme is… skirts. Seeing as it is summer and hence skirt season, I thought it would only be appropriate.

1. “Traditional Hi Low Skirt” from Sears: $59.99

I really like the looks of this skirt because it is appropriate to wear out for the night, or you can wear it to the office during the day. When you are shopping on a budget, versatility is everything.

2. “Apple Pickin’ Skirt” from Made With Love By Hannah: $68

I’m not sure that I would wear this skirt to work, but it would be perfect for a walk in the park, or along the river. This skirt just screams carefree and relaxed to me.

3. “Tamara” from Great Glam: $25

This skirt is just so much fun! Of course it would be worn for both special events, and every day fun-shopping etc, wear.

4. “Pleated Peplum Skirt” from Forever 21: $35

Again, this skirt is more frivolous and fun than it is practical, but paired with a nice black shirt or blazer it could be worn to work…

5. “Double-layered Eyelet Skirt” from the Gap: $29.99

This skirt is fun and flirty. It can be worn at the office again, or would be perfect for a picnic (as long as you have a blanket to sit on!)

6. “Vista Skirt” from Athleta: $54

I love this skirt because it looks like it would be completely versatile. You could dress it down to walk or lounge around the house, or dress it up for work or a fancy event.

7. “Teal Plaid Pencil Skirt” from Ricki’s: $45.50

I don’t know what it is with plaid skirts, but I love them. Maybe it’s the whole “Catholic school girl” side of me coming through!

8. “Blue Canoe Wrap Skirt” from Not Just Pretty: $54.60

The great styling isn’t even the best thing about this skirt. The best thing is that it is made from 94% organically grown, renewable materials!

9. “Lilikoi Lily Skirt” by Not Just Pretty: $90

From the same store as the previous skirt, this number will be available this fall.

10. “G-Star Vintage Mini-Skirt in Raw Denim” from Revolve Clothing: $168

Okay. So I couldn’t honestly write an entire post about skirts without including a jean skirt. But jean skirts really don’t impress me, nor do I really like them. So a jean skirt has to really stand apart from the rest to get my vote. Despite the price, (although the price would result in my never ever buying this skirt), this skirt stands apart for me.


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  1. Gotta have at least one short pleated skirt with thigh-high stockings.

    Short as in daringly short.

    Gotta’ please thine man, yah’ know.

    Make him pant with desire at the mere sight of you.

    Just makes sense.

    Comment by obbop — September 3, 2010 @ 3:46 pm | Reply

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