September 10, 2010

A baby, a wedding, and homesickness.

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Last weekend was quite the weekend. Oh yes.

But for those of you who are jumping the gun and assuming that the reference is to myself in the title… it’s not. (Thank God!) I am not pregnant, Gilles and I did not elope, and I have not suddenly become homesick upon moving into a new place. Although – thinking about it, each of these things are just barely beyond the realm of possibility. Eek!

Okay, focus.

First the baby. Ah, yes. Do you remember the baby that I showed you back at the end of May? That baby has grown a lot, and really filled out. He is so cute. I’ll post a picture as soon as I can – my camera is dead right now – but for now you’ll just have to imagine it.  

Anyway, the boys were gone on their “guy weekend” (5 days hiking, biking, roller blading, canoeing and camping, all without a single woman present) so Gilles’ sister came up with baby Matthew. They got to the house Friday night, and stayed until Sunday noon. Of course, “auntie” hardly let his mommy touch him the entire time.

Spending this much time around a baby, I realized something. I realized that a) I am starting to hear my “clock tick”, wanting a child, and b) I am nowhere near ready to commit that kind of time and give up that much of my life for a child.

Basically, my body is at war with my mind. (Again?!) I think we’ve been through this before. First my body warred with my mind over puberty.

Mind: Okay. Now we’ll just walk between these two posts…

Body: Thud. What’s this? Not fitting.

Mind: Not computing.

Body: Oh… my hips are in the way.

Then, into my late teens my body competed with my mind in an entirely other way.

Mind: Okay. We’ll find ourself a nice guy, date, get married…

Body: Can I have sex with him?

Mind: It’ll be a lovely ceremony. Lots of flowers and gauzy ribbon…

Body: I want to have sex with him.

(and so on)

Now, my we have the baby thing going on.

Mind: My job isn’t permanent, and I have no maternity leave.

Body: Wouldn’t it feel good to have something growing inside you?

Mind: And babies are expensive. We’re barely making ends meet as it is.

Body: Those little feet kicking the inside of your belly…

Mind: Plus Gilles and I aren’t even married yet…

Body: And the comfort of putting your hand protectively on a lump that has nothing to do with your eating habits…

… you get the point.

Maybe it is just the exposure to Matthew that has my clock starting to tick. Maybe it will start to slow down again, as reality kicks in even more.

But… we get to see him again in two weeks. For his baptism. And we’re the godparents. !!!! Life is good…

Next, the wedding.

On the Saturday in the middle of the guys weekend and Lise’s visit, Gilles’ cousin Michelle got married. (And looked beautiful. But unfortunately my camera was already dead by then so I didn’t get any pictures at all. I’ll have to steal one off of Facebook for you.)

The wedding was a lot of fun. I rotated between talking to Gilles’ relatives, holding Matthew, and dancing. It’s funny. Normally at these types of events I get anxiety-ridden at the thought of having to come up with something to say to everyone, and get very shy. This time however, I had no trouble at all. Maybe I’m improving?

Finally, homesickness.

My sister moved to Regina on Saturday to start university. Unfortunately, my mom, who was moving her up, had to get back to the farm right away. It was supposed to rain 2 inches, and our crop wasn’t yet off.

Long story short, I ended up going down to Regina to visit Kelsey. I got there at about 4:30, and stayed ’til about 11:30. I like to think that I helped at least. I like to play the ‘hero’ big sister sometimes. Maybe someday I’ll live up to her expectations.

Anyway, I’m happy to say that she has a really nice set-up in Regina. A large room- as far as dorm rooms go, and only having to share her bathroom with one person.

I am going to put a question out there for you guys though. She doesn’t want to leave her shower towel in the bathroom, as the only place to put it would be over the shower wall. There are no hooks on the door or walls, and no hangers to speak of. She has an open closet, but it is absolutely stuffed… no room to hang a towel there. She is not allowed to use any adhesive (tape, sticky tap, those stick hanger on the wall things) on any of the walls in her dorm. An over the door hanger will not fit on either door.

Do you have any ideas what she could do to have a place to hang her towel? (Besides draping it over her desk chair?)


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