October 29, 2010


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I am a Planning Freak. That could be my official title. Not having a plan for the littlest thing bothers me – a lot. Sometimes I think I’m borderline OCD.

I have a day planner that I put all my assignments, meetings, events and trips in, and if someone is coming to visit, they get put in there too.

My wedding has been planned in my head for years… now that I actually know who I want to marry, some adjustments have been made to suit his personality, but very few. We aren’t even engaged yet.

I have every weekend booked, confirmed and planned from now until mid-December. The only reason why I am not booked until mid-January is that I am waiting to hear from a few others about their December schedules.

I plan what I am going to do each evening at least two days in advance. If friends call and want to go out, or come over (etc.), I have a hard time not getting upset, because it forces my plans to change.

I plan eating out, I plan my shopping trips, I plan doing laundry. I have lists, and lists, and lists.

I think I have always been this way to an extent. I had an agenda that I sometimes used in high school – I would use it especially once I started working and had more time management needs. But in high school I was still up for spontanaity spontenaity spontaneity.

This ‘phenomenon’ must have developed as a direct result of University. I can’t see any other explanation. With the exception of my very first semester, I have always worked while in University. Thus, time management has become a crucial part of my life. Right now I am on the final bend in the road. I have two classes left. My final exams are December 6 and 7. After that, I’m free. (And I can put some fun little letters after my name if I want.)

But focusing on the now, I am starting to notice that I am not only trying to plan out my life, I am trying to plan Gilles’ too.

Has this become an obsession and a part of my personality, or will it begin to dissipate post-degree completion, when I have more free time? I’m hoping for option 2.


October 23, 2010

What do you think?

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Can I pull it off?

(I guess we’ll find out after Halloween…)

October 21, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

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Life is good. Life is really good.

It may just be the fact that I actually left the house last night and went to a movie with Gilles and a couple friends, and had a lot of fun. But usually that type of thing has a superficial ‘cheer-up effect’ for the night, and then the next morning when the resultat extreme exhaustion hits (we got home at 12:30AM and I have to be up at 6:30 — Gilles was up at 5:30!), I’m not usually very cheery.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I set and reset the alarm for every five minutes for an hour before I drag my sorry ass out of bed when I’m tired. Thus resulting in my having crappy hair, crappy make-up, and a rather greasy persona. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am not a morning person, and am generally cranky when I cannot wake up to my own body’s schedule. (About 10AM). Whatever it is, usually mornings suck. Especially when I am super busy.

Have you ever noticed that the busier you are, it seems the more people take you for granted? (Oh, don’t worry about that, Chantelle will take care of it…) Never mind that you have about a thousand million other things to do, and no one thanks you for doing a single one of them.

But this week? It seems there is something cosmic going on in the atmosphere that makes people… wait for it… appreciative.

*Insert stunned awe*

Every day this week, I have actually recieved a gesture of appreciation, or a random act of kindness in some form or another. In fact, many days there have been multiple of such!

Take Monday for example. The day was average, I was rather sleepy from the weekend but not extraordinarily so. I worked my day, went home, made supper, went to class. In class we had our presentation for our Commerce class. Our presentation which, (not to toot my own horn or anything but…) I designed. Now, forgive me for being cocky again, but I think it is deservedly such. Our presentation was the most put together and thought out in the class. Am I going to far?

Consider this. Half of the class didn’t read the assignment correctly. The other half, it was obvious that they just threw it together and put no time into practicing. We put careful thought into ours, and ran through it several times throughout the weeks before the presentation. And it paid off. Not only were we the only presentation where no one tripped over their words, forgot what they were supposed to say, or dropped their cue cards, we were also the only presentation that actually timed itself perfectly without using a timer, and the only one to not have any typos, spelling mistakes, or poor graphics that were literally plucked off the internets and onto their presentation without any thought of colour adjustment or even removing the white background behind the picture. Okay. Enough about that.

My point, after that very long ramble about – probably seemingly nothing to most of you – is that after the presentation not only did some of the other students comment on the professionalism of our presentations and the slide, so did our teacher. Yay! My group was very happy, and thanked me several times for cleaning up the presentation for them. 

Then on Tuesday, my supervisor returned to work. (She had been working from home the day before). She thanked me for helping her out the day before, and gave me a small box of chocolates. (Okay, granted they were chocolates that she had recieved as a gift and didn’t want to eat, but still!) It made me happy.

Then, yesterday a lady from a marketing firm that we are working with brought me a bunch of information on tourist destinations in southern Ontario. I had told her that Gilles and I were looking at going to Montreal for our honeymoon (I know, I’m planning too far ahead again!) Anyway, is from the Niagara area originally, and thought that it was great so she collected a bunch of pamphlets for me when she went down to visit! We are hoping to be able to drive there and back, and that way see all of the sights both ways 🙂

Then, last night Gilles and I spent about five minutes thanking each other for doing things that night/in the last few days. Very nice.

Now this morning, I was waiting in line for the Timmy’s drive-thru to get my caffeine fix, and a truck came to try to get into the line from the alley side. The two vehicles in front of me didn’t let him into the line, so I thought – Ah, what the the hell, I’ve got time to spare before work – and let him in. Then, when I went to pay for my coffee at the window, the girl said that the guy in front of me had already paid for it! That has had me smiling all morning.

Later this morning, one my co-workers was complaining that his phone didn’t have a setting to turn off the beeping noise when you press buttons. It really bothered him. So, I took his phone and fixed it for him. Simple. I gave it back to him and explained what I did, and he was practically falling over himself thanking  me. I think I made his day just a little bit sunnier. 🙂

The last few days have restored my faith in humanity.

Has anyone gone above and beyond to say thank-you to you lately?

October 19, 2010

Leaves of brown they fall to the ground…

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My credit to Van Morrison 🙂 The title is from his song so aptly named, “Autumn Song.”

I think I’ve already talked some about my sentiments on the fall season … (checks back). Yes, I have.

But that’s okay, my topic today is actually Christmas.

For those of you who know me well… okay, and for those of you who don’t… most of you know that I am a crafter. As in, never not doing something. Actually more like never doing less than five projects.

As a result of all this crafty goodness, I can’t help but want to make homemade Christmas gifts for each and every person in the world. Of course, if I made gifts for each and every person in the world I would have to quit my job and drop out of school and likely have a nervous breakdown from still having too much to get done. 

But this is my list of Christmas gifts for this year – I have blanked out gifts for those who read this blog, and trust that they will not tell others who do not read the blog what their gifts will be.

Gilles – unknown as of yet. Might be homemade, might not.

Elsie – ######### #######

Nolan – Computer-key coasters

Michael – Beer hat

Kelsey – ###############

Memere – ‘Brag’ book

Grandma – Unknown at this point

Grandpa – Unknown at this point

Mom – #############

Lisa – Cross-stitch -if I have enough time

Joanne – Cross-stitch -if I have enough time

Brodeur Chinese gift exchange – immediate family: ###########

Brodeur Chinese gift exchange – Brodeur side: something storebought

Parent family gift exchange – Don’t know the recipient yet, recipient will determine gift

Bergen family gift exchange – Don’t know the recipient yet, recipient will determine gift

… Looks like I have a busy couple of months!

What am I working on now?

Currently I am finishing up the cross-stitch that I am working on for Lise. So far it is five months late. I’ll get it to her at the baptism. 😛 I’ll start on the Christmas gifts as soon as I finish (hopefully by the end of the week!)

I’ll post pictures of what items I can as I finish them. 😀

October 13, 2010


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October 8, 2010

With visions of turkey, dancing in their heads…

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See you after the long weekend.

October 7, 2010


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Have you ever had shoe lust before?

I want this shoe.

October 5, 2010


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Sometimes I’m great at it. Other times I’m awful. I think most people are like that.

Because I have so little free time, my time is hyper-organized. Today I work until 4:30, go home and eat a bag of instant rice before running to my night class. I then sit in class until we are ‘released’ at 8:30, and then return home. I will then set up my lamp in the office, and attempt to do a little bit of organizing. Hopefully I will have time to clean the bathroom. 

Tomorrow, I will again work from 7:30-4:30. I will then stop first at the bank to transfer some money into another account for rent and bills, then stop at the grocery store. I will pick up the ingredients I need for my Thanksgiving desserts, and then return home where I will spend the evening making said desserts. (Hopefully I will have time to enjoy my freshly cleaned bathtub afterward).

It goes on as such. Every day is planned so that there is room for a little flexibility, but not much. This part of my life? Is organized.

However there are other parts that are far from organized. The house still isn’t unpacked. When I return home, I dump the newest handouts from each stack onto my desk, instead of neatly placing them in my binder – because I haven’t found my three-hole-punch in the myriad of items strewn throughout the house.

And you know how I said that I was going to buy the ingredients for the desserts that I am making tomorrow? Well that is all fine and good, except I have no idea where said recipe to get an ingredient list is from…

Which then throws me off my carefully planned schedule.

But I’ve made enough lists. I’ve made so many lists they are no longer any help. The easy answer would be (Duh! Unpack and get organized). I’m working on it. But there’s a long way to go, because quite frankly, that takes TIME. Time that I don’ t have. Time that I won’t have until the new year. But boy, if the house is still full of boxes in December I’ll flip. Gah!

I guess I’ll just have to settle on doing the best I can for now. One step at a time.

October 1, 2010

The Nightmare Before Christmas

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How appropriate.

People who are like me (routinely biting off more than they can chew) know what I’m talking about. October is the season for… what? Stress. Panic. A feeling of overwhelmingness.

This year is no different.

I broke down and cried last night. People, I broke down and cried because I couldn’t find my day planner for three days. Straw on the camel’s back, right? (For those who don’t know the story – see here. It is one of Aesop’s Fables.)

Anyway, I have been completely overwhelmed. Totally and completely. Between being crazily busy at work, trying to keep up in my classes, still trying to unpack, trying to keep a clean house (groceries, laundry, housecleaning, etc!), attempting to have a social life, and all that, I’m tuckered out.

What makes it all a bit better though, is that I do love fall. I love crunching the leaves under my feet. I love all the colourful leaves. I love raking up the leaves and putting them in pumpkin garbage bags – because I know that soon there will be more leaves anyway. Fall is like a fresh layer of snow, that never gets dirty.

Fall means pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes, and stuffing. It means turkey, and gravy, and wine. It means dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a day – not just escapism through reading but in your own life.

It means people getting grumpy because four ‘holidays’ are mushed up into the stores at once: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas. (Which as a marketer, I find amusing in a sadistic sort of way).

It means no more worring about the weather and if my parents will get their harvest done.

I hate fall, and I hate the stress that it brings to my life. But most of all? I love fall.

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