October 21, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

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Life is good. Life is really good.

It may just be the fact that I actually left the house last night and went to a movie with Gilles and a couple friends, and had a lot of fun. But usually that type of thing has a superficial ‘cheer-up effect’ for the night, and then the next morning when the resultat extreme exhaustion hits (we got home at 12:30AM and I have to be up at 6:30 — Gilles was up at 5:30!), I’m not usually very cheery.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I set and reset the alarm for every five minutes for an hour before I drag my sorry ass out of bed when I’m tired. Thus resulting in my having crappy hair, crappy make-up, and a rather greasy persona. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am not a morning person, and am generally cranky when I cannot wake up to my own body’s schedule. (About 10AM). Whatever it is, usually mornings suck. Especially when I am super busy.

Have you ever noticed that the busier you are, it seems the more people take you for granted? (Oh, don’t worry about that, Chantelle will take care of it…) Never mind that you have about a thousand million other things to do, and no one thanks you for doing a single one of them.

But this week? It seems there is something cosmic going on in the atmosphere that makes people… wait for it… appreciative.

*Insert stunned awe*

Every day this week, I have actually recieved a gesture of appreciation, or a random act of kindness in some form or another. In fact, many days there have been multiple of such!

Take Monday for example. The day was average, I was rather sleepy from the weekend but not extraordinarily so. I worked my day, went home, made supper, went to class. In class we had our presentation for our Commerce class. Our presentation which, (not to toot my own horn or anything but…) I designed. Now, forgive me for being cocky again, but I think it is deservedly such. Our presentation was the most put together and thought out in the class. Am I going to far?

Consider this. Half of the class didn’t read the assignment correctly. The other half, it was obvious that they just threw it together and put no time into practicing. We put careful thought into ours, and ran through it several times throughout the weeks before the presentation. And it paid off. Not only were we the only presentation where no one tripped over their words, forgot what they were supposed to say, or dropped their cue cards, we were also the only presentation that actually timed itself perfectly without using a timer, and the only one to not have any typos, spelling mistakes, or poor graphics that were literally plucked off the internets and onto their presentation without any thought of colour adjustment or even removing the white background behind the picture. Okay. Enough about that.

My point, after that very long ramble about – probably seemingly nothing to most of you – is that after the presentation not only did some of the other students comment on the professionalism of our presentations and the slide, so did our teacher. Yay! My group was very happy, and thanked me several times for cleaning up the presentation for them. 

Then on Tuesday, my supervisor returned to work. (She had been working from home the day before). She thanked me for helping her out the day before, and gave me a small box of chocolates. (Okay, granted they were chocolates that she had recieved as a gift and didn’t want to eat, but still!) It made me happy.

Then, yesterday a lady from a marketing firm that we are working with brought me a bunch of information on tourist destinations in southern Ontario. I had told her that Gilles and I were looking at going to Montreal for our honeymoon (I know, I’m planning too far ahead again!) Anyway, is from the Niagara area originally, and thought that it was great so she collected a bunch of pamphlets for me when she went down to visit! We are hoping to be able to drive there and back, and that way see all of the sights both ways 🙂

Then, last night Gilles and I spent about five minutes thanking each other for doing things that night/in the last few days. Very nice.

Now this morning, I was waiting in line for the Timmy’s drive-thru to get my caffeine fix, and a truck came to try to get into the line from the alley side. The two vehicles in front of me didn’t let him into the line, so I thought – Ah, what the the hell, I’ve got time to spare before work – and let him in. Then, when I went to pay for my coffee at the window, the girl said that the guy in front of me had already paid for it! That has had me smiling all morning.

Later this morning, one my co-workers was complaining that his phone didn’t have a setting to turn off the beeping noise when you press buttons. It really bothered him. So, I took his phone and fixed it for him. Simple. I gave it back to him and explained what I did, and he was practically falling over himself thanking  me. I think I made his day just a little bit sunnier. 🙂

The last few days have restored my faith in humanity.

Has anyone gone above and beyond to say thank-you to you lately?


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