October 29, 2010


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I am a Planning Freak. That could be my official title. Not having a plan for the littlest thing bothers me – a lot. Sometimes I think I’m borderline OCD.

I have a day planner that I put all my assignments, meetings, events and trips in, and if someone is coming to visit, they get put in there too.

My wedding has been planned in my head for years… now that I actually know who I want to marry, some adjustments have been made to suit his personality, but very few. We aren’t even engaged yet.

I have every weekend booked, confirmed and planned from now until mid-December. The only reason why I am not booked until mid-January is that I am waiting to hear from a few others about their December schedules.

I plan what I am going to do each evening at least two days in advance. If friends call and want to go out, or come over (etc.), I have a hard time not getting upset, because it forces my plans to change.

I plan eating out, I plan my shopping trips, I plan doing laundry. I have lists, and lists, and lists.

I think I have always been this way to an extent. I had an agenda that I sometimes used in high school – I would use it especially once I started working and had more time management needs. But in high school I was still up for spontanaity spontenaity spontaneity.

This ‘phenomenon’ must have developed as a direct result of University. I can’t see any other explanation. With the exception of my very first semester, I have always worked while in University. Thus, time management has become a crucial part of my life. Right now I am on the final bend in the road. I have two classes left. My final exams are December 6 and 7. After that, I’m free. (And I can put some fun little letters after my name if I want.)

But focusing on the now, I am starting to notice that I am not only trying to plan out my life, I am trying to plan Gilles’ too.

Has this become an obsession and a part of my personality, or will it begin to dissipate post-degree completion, when I have more free time? I’m hoping for option 2.


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