November 22, 2010


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A lot has happened this weekend. Some of it I’m very happy about, some… not so much.

But first, I have to show you this:

How excited are we! Haha…

Of course, this isn’t the same weight ticker that I showed you last time. After the last weight ticker I gained a bunch of ‘I’m too tired to cook lets eat pizza or order chinese food’ weight. This ticker is from the day that I got engaged (October 30th), to today (November 22). The end weight is where I would like to be by July 9 for the wedding.

I do have a long way to go, admittedly. But I’m actually losing weight again, and boy does it feel good. (In addition to being annoying that nothing quite fits me right!) I’m noticing a definate slow-down in loss though; I’m going to need to add exercise to my weight-loss regimen soon.

ANYWAY – I was so excited about that I had to share it. But now moving on.

So far I haven’t told you a lot about the actual wedding. A lot of plans have already been put in place. Mom and I are emailing back and forth constantly all day.

The first step was to make sure that we could get the church. I will be getting married in the Cathedral in Gravelbourg – this beauty:

That in itself will be gorgeous. The Cathedral will require very little decorating work, which is nice.

I have decided on Carnations for the wedding flower. The colours will be white and red, with blue as a focal colour. We will have to be very careful not to make it look American. The bridesmaids will wear a deep cherry red (they will each get to pick their own dress within my set restraints) and will hold white bouquets tied with blue ribbon. I will be holding a red bouquet with white baby’s breath and white ribbon. The groomsmens’ ties will match the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, and the only thing differentiating Gilles from the groomsmen will be that he will have a white carnation in his pocket, while his groomsmen will each have a red carnation.

As I mentioned, the church is booked. As is the priest, the cateror for the supper, the bartenders and the reception hall. I am currently working on the photographer, the hair stylist, the make-up stylist, the DJ, the… well you get the picture. The plan is to get the place and people booked and then take a bit of a break from wedding planning to get ready for my finals.

Oh, and I asked my bridesmaids and bought a dress on Saturday! I’ll tell you more about that the next time I get a chance to write 🙂


November 16, 2010

And after all those promises too…

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It looks like November might end up being the least posted month for my blog so far, even though I said I would be posting even more. (I am after all posting almost daily about my wedding decisions, and not to leave you out of the loop am also posting about everything else that is going on… it’s just invisible you see.)

In truth, I just got so busy again that I couldn’t even see straight, let alone take the time to post.

This last week has been… wow.

Let’s see… when we left off, I was telling you that Gilles’ parent had found out about our engagement, and whining about being hungry. Does that sound about right?

Since then, I have been focusing most of my time and energy on schoolwork – I had a 12 page term paper due for English on Friday, and another 12 page term paper for my Commerce class due yesterday. But, as of right now I have one big project left (due Monday and taking up WAY too much time), and then I’m done my assignments. Forever. Hurrah! Exams are on the 6th and 7th, and then I’m done those too. And then I’ll graduate. Like, for real. Done. Wow.

It’s funny how life can both move at a snail’s pace and incredibly quick.

Ironically, on my first day of University I ran into Gilles. We weren’t dating at the time. His family was on their ‘guys weekend’, and his entire family was roller blading across the student bridge at the same time as I was walking across. It was very awkward – my mom talked to his dad and uncle, and I stood around awkwardly. I wanted to go talk to Gilles and I even waved him over to try to get his attention but he moved as far away as he could without his family thinking that he was leaving him, and stared at his feet. He wouldn’t even look at me.

Four and a half years later, I am finishing my degree and we are engaged to be married. My how times change.

…. And, just because I’m not sure if you’ve gotten to see a picture of him yet, here is my Gilles, shortly after we started dating again.

November 5, 2010

Overweight + Deadline = Hungry.

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This week since I have gotten engaged has been very interesting.

First, Gilles didn’t want any of his family to find out until we go down to visit Remembrance Day weekend. Of course, being over-excited and not cluing in, I told my family and just told them not to tell his family about it yet. His mom found out from my second-cousin’s sister-in-law last night. (Like I could have predicted that one though!) Gilles was upset at first, but calmed down quickly. I think it helped that I was hosting a ‘dinner party’ last night. My brother and two cousins came over for roast beef, corn, mashed potatoes, and apple pie.

God. My stomach is churning just reading that.

One of the first things that struck me once I finally clued in that, ‘yes, we are engaged’ and ‘yes, we are getting married this summer’, was that I need to lose a lot of weight in a hurry. My running joke right now is that when most women are pregnant they gain approximately 30 lbs in 9 months – meanwhile I have 9 months to lose 30 lbs.

Thing is, even though I’ve been fighting to lose weight for a long time, I know that I can do it. This is no longer a vague goal amount set for a vague point in the future. It is quite simple, and wonderful. My goal is this. On my wedding day, I want to weigh 150 lbs. Unfortunately due to a couple innings with ribs, chinese food and pizza, I am back at 188.2 lbs currently, so I have a ways to go. However, when I put things into perspective it isn’t so daunting. I am starting at just under 190 lbs (actually I was at 190 lbs the day he asked, and have already been dieting for a week bringing me to 188.2 lbs.). However, a year ago I weighed 203 lbs. And I made it down to 175 lbs this summer despite some lax motivation. So I know I can do it.

I’m not into any of those fad diets. I’m not going to suddenly cut all carbs out of my diet, or eat only cabbage soup for a month. I want to do something that has a chance of lasting for 9 months, and maybe even past. (I say maybe, but what I mean is I really really want it to but realistically I know I’ll gain some back.)

So, I fall back to my old standby – calorie counting. The concept is simple. The average woman burns approximately 1900 calories in a day, just by doing day-to-day activities. (ie/ she would burn more if she went to the gym). Thus, if you burn more calories than you consume, your body is forced to metabolize fat for energy and thus you lose weight.

Therefore, I am restricting myself to a maximum of 1500 calories per day. What does that mean for my body?

Well I certainly won’t hurt myself. In fact, I’m eating much better than I had been as of late. I am drinking lots of water and drinking green tea to try to satiate my stomach, which still hasn’t quite grasped the concept that it won’t be recieving an entire spinach pizza for supper. My stomach will slowly shrink, (the liquids won’t keep it from shrinking as they will be quickly digested), and I will no longer feel as hungry. In fact, I will be eating what I should be eating.

So basically, my diet plan = be healthy.

Of course, there are some catches in this plan. The first catch is that we have a box of Halloween candy sitting in the front entrance still that is begging for my attention. This results in a couple snacks a day. Of course, I am marking these snacks down and accounting for them now, unlike when I wasn’t very motivated. But when you snack on high-calorie foods, it means you can eat less later in the day. (What’s that? A bite-size kit kat bar has the same number of calories as an entire can of chicken noodle soup? But it looks so tasty…)

There are also some times that you really can’t get around eating the not-so-healthy foods. For instance, I had been promising my brother a roast with mashed potatoes and gravy for months, so I couldn’t exactly swap out the meal plan for fish and roasted peppers. And I couldn’t exactly eat something different than my guests. So… (Oh, hi sixty calorie can of soup!) I skipped breakfast, had exactly one can of soup for lunch (with two cans of water added to make it actually sort of fill me up), and ate nothing else until supper.

Fortunately I can finally go grocery shopping tonight, which will result in a very full vegetable drawer. (Vegetables are mostly water – the calories come from the natural sugar – very healthy, and you can eat almost as much as you want of them.)

Unfortunately, I still haven’t found time in my life to get much exercise. When I get home I am making supper, cleaning, and working on homework. If I have any free time, typically I want to spend it with Gilles or out with friends. I do have a few work-out videos as well as a Wii Fit however. So, my thought is that if I can get in even 30 minutes of uninteruppted exercise per day in my own living room, I will be fine. As of 10PM on December 7 I will be done school, thus possibly giving me enough time to warrant getting a gym membership again.

I can do this. I just have to believe I can. And friends? I am going to need your help.

November 2, 2010


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It’s still not quite sunk in. I’m engaged. As in, I’m going to get married. (I know, that seems obvious but it took me a while to get to realizing that step).

Gilles is my fiance. I’m his fiancee.

I have over a grand wrapped around my finger. It is gorgeous though.

There are so many implications of being engaged. So much to do, so much to think about. I truly haven’t even grasped the edge of that yet.

I think, as this blog has become both my personal journal and my catharsis, I will document the journey here.

I am getting married exactly nine months from today – July 9th, so it will be quite a journey. A quick one.

🙂 You can expect a lot of wedding posts. (I hope you don’t mind)… of course, I will continue to blog about the rest of my life too, so you can expect more posts in general .

I have noticed three things since I have gotten engaged (Saturday).

1. The first thing every single person asks is to see the ring. (See the last post before this one if you haven’t seen my pictures of the ring yet btw)

2. The second thing everyone wants to do is hear how he asked. So, here we go. (Ironically I have this story down to a science now… I don’t think I’ve even been changing any of the words the last few times).

I was already in my costume. My hair was curled and pinned, my make-up was on, my costume was on. I was Eve (as in, Adam and Eve.) Gilles had his costume on, but needed my help with his contacts. He wanted to wear purple contacts, but has never worn contacts before in his life. I was fighting to try to get his first contact in, and we had been working on it for about twenty minutes already. He was getting really antsy (which looking back, isn’t like him at all but I thought he was just excited or something). He kept saying that I should just pack them up and I can tape his costume up and put in his contacts for him at the party. Meanwhile, I kept insisting that once we got there I didn’t want to be hiding in the bathroom trying to put his contacts in, I wanted to hang out with my friends. He was always telling me to lighten up and stop micromanaging every second, so I was trying to do that. But he kept insisting that we had to leave by seven, and he didn’t want to be late. I was getting frustrated and told him that either I was putting them in now, or I was throwing them out. He told me to just throw them out then, but I responded that it would be a waste of $30 to just give up and throw them out. I kept trying for a few minutes. Meanwhile we were both becoming more and more frustrated with each other (as often happens when two stubborn people have opposing opinions, so I thought nothing out of the ordinary with it).

However, then he said to me, “Look. You are impossible to surprise. There is a limo coming to pick us up and it is going to be here at seven so we have to leave at seven.”

My jaw dropped to the floor.

After a pause I snapped into action, put the contact back in its case, and shoved my entire make-up kit in my purse. (Yeah, not sure why I did that). I grabbed the contacts and ran downstairs to put my shoes and coat on.

Meanwhile Gilles was peering outside, and told me that the limo was already here, and that he couldn’t remember if he told the driver we would be in costume.

He helped me to the car (well, actually he started trotting off toward the car while I locked the door, until I asked him if he was seriously expecting me to get to the car without falling on my face on the ice in my heels, and then he helped me to the car).

He had champagne ready for us inside, and informed me that we had the limo for an hour, and then it would drop us off at the party. We chatted some, commented on the limo, commented on the view of the city. About half an hour in, he leaning in for a kiss and started rummaging in his pocket. It was at this point that I clued in what was going on.

He stopped rummaging in his pocket, but I was too nervous to look, so I kept our lips locked. Finally he started giggling so I had to pull away. He held the ring up to me, and sat there looking at me. I couldn’t say anything for a moment, then it became apparent that he wasn’t going to say anything either. The conversation following went a little like this.

Me: You’re just going to sit there?

Gilles: My costume will get in the way if I try to kneel.

Me: I’m sure you can figure it out

Gilles kneels on the floor of the limo. I continue to stare at him, waiting for him to say something.

Gilles: [after a seemingly endless pause that was probably only 2 seconds] Will you marry me?

Me: [while shoving my hand out because he is still holding the ring out as though he wants to set it in the palm of my hand] Yes!

At this point Gilles puts the ring on my finger, and sits back down. I kiss him. He proceeds to ask where the champagne went. I had put it in the cupholder things about 15 min prior”

I spent the rest of the ride spontaneously grinning and waving my hands, and saying “Wow. You’re my fiance. That’s so weird. And I’m your fiancee. Weird.”

Yeah. I’m classy.

…. and the camera battery was dead so we didn’t get any pictures of the limo. Once I get them however, I will post some pictures from the party, and I will take some nice artsy pictures of my ring for you. (Oh yeah, and did I mention that Gilles was dressed up as an executioner?)

November 1, 2010


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… more to come.

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