November 16, 2010

And after all those promises too…

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It looks like November might end up being the least posted month for my blog so far, even though I said I would be posting even more. (I am after all posting almost daily about my wedding decisions, and not to leave you out of the loop am also posting about everything else that is going on… it’s just invisible you see.)

In truth, I just got so busy again that I couldn’t even see straight, let alone take the time to post.

This last week has been… wow.

Let’s see… when we left off, I was telling you that Gilles’ parent had found out about our engagement, and whining about being hungry. Does that sound about right?

Since then, I have been focusing most of my time and energy on schoolwork – I had a 12 page term paper due for English on Friday, and another 12 page term paper for my Commerce class due yesterday. But, as of right now I have one big project left (due Monday and taking up WAY too much time), and then I’m done my assignments. Forever. Hurrah! Exams are on the 6th and 7th, and then I’m done those too. And then I’ll graduate. Like, for real. Done. Wow.

It’s funny how life can both move at a snail’s pace and incredibly quick.

Ironically, on my first day of University I ran into Gilles. We weren’t dating at the time. His family was on their ‘guys weekend’, and his entire family was roller blading across the student bridge at the same time as I was walking across. It was very awkward – my mom talked to his dad and uncle, and I stood around awkwardly. I wanted to go talk to Gilles and I even waved him over to try to get his attention but he moved as far away as he could without his family thinking that he was leaving him, and stared at his feet. He wouldn’t even look at me.

Four and a half years later, I am finishing my degree and we are engaged to be married. My how times change.

…. And, just because I’m not sure if you’ve gotten to see a picture of him yet, here is my Gilles, shortly after we started dating again.


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