December 8, 2010

Thou shalt not forsake me.

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And I don’t intend to. As this blog is meant to be an outlet for me, I need to use it more often. See, the last little while has been… intense. I’m trying not to get so caught up in school that I forsake the wedding planning. I’m trying not to get so caught up in wedding planning that I forsake school. I’m trying not to get so caught up in either that I forsake my job – I am still fighting for a permanent position. I am trying not to get so caught up in all three that I forsake my social life. To complicate matters, here comes Christmas.

But, when it rains it pours. A quick update on the wedding planning and then I will move on to (hopefully) more interesting things. I have my hairdresser and make-up artist. The photographer is booked, and our engagement photos are on the 18th. But booking a DJ is proving more difficult than I hoped. Apparently for residents of Gravelbourg to check their email is too much to ask. Customer service needs a good defib.


Have I ever mentioned that I love Christmas? I really do. It’s not so much about receiving gifts, although it is nice to get new things that you don’t have to pay for… haha. But seriously, I love being able to see all of my family, and to be able to give them something that comes from the heart without fear that they won’t accept it.

This year I will get four Christmases. It sounds like a lot, but that’s actually about average since I started dating Gilles. First is his immediate family’s Christmas. This one takes place either really early or really late – never actually on Christmas. Last year I believe we had it in January, and in November the year before. This year will be the first that I won’t have to worry about needing to get schoolwork done, which will be a nice change. His parents will be there, his brother Paul with his fiancée Bea, and his sister Lise, with her fiance Trevor and their sone Matthew.

For this celebration I am hoping to bring a homemade quilt. I am running out of time, but I think if I can spend all evening on it for two nights this week I may be able to get it done on time. I really hope I can… I think it would be a really great gift for the exchange. (I’ll post pictures of all the gifts as I finish them). It’s my first quilt, so I’m not sure what to expect. My biggest hope is that it will be (somewhat)…

((I ran out of time to post here. I saved a draft, hoping that I would get back to it. Two days later I am back and a lot has changed, so I will post this as the stub that it is and start anew.))


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