January 31, 2011


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When we lived in the apartment, we had all sorts of problems, including having the bedroom window broken above our heads at one point.

I couldn’t sleep through the night by myself anymore at the apartment. Any little noise would wake me up and the thought of turning off the bedroom light terrified me. I slept with a bat.

Since we have moved to the house, I have gotten a lot better. We are in a good neighbourhood, we don’t sleep level with the ground, and we have an alarm system.

Gilles has been living in Moose Jaw for four weeks now. He is usually back on the weekend, but I’m by myself during the week. It still takes me about an hour to fall asleep when I’m by myself (as opposed to instantly when Gilles is home), but I have no problem sleeping with the light off and I sleep through the night now.

Last night, someone rang the doorbell at 12:40. I wasn’t asleep yet, but I was close. I think I lost about 5 years off my life from being so scared.

It felt like it took me about 5 minutes to decide to get up, rather than ignore it in hopes they would go away. In truth, it probably took 10-15 seconds. I turned on every light in the house as I went downstairs, in hopes it would look like more people were there and I wasn’t home alone. I could see the side light on, so I knew that the person had gone to that door.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a steak knife.

Even though I knew that the person had gone to the side door anyway, I went to the front door and looked out first. I think I was trying to buy myself more time. Despite the fact that someone had rung the doorbell and so I should expect to see someone standing at the side door, all I could think about was a man standing within inches of the door, standing straight on and his eyes boring into me as I opened the blind to look out. So I still didn’t go to the side door after I went to the front door. I found myself wishing our side door was solid wood with a tiny peephole like an apartment, instead of having its nice window.

Instead, I stood in the main hallway and looked out the front window. I couldn’t see anyone, but there was a running vehicle in front. That didn’t help my anxiety.

I then went to the kitchen window and tried to see the side door from there. I didn’t want the person to see me. I couldn’t see anything.

Finally I mustered up the courage to pull back the roll-up blind on the side door just a little, and peek out. There was no one there. I started to go back to the front door, and noticed a man walking down the front walk toward his vehicle. I stood in the hallway for some time, watching to see if he would just drive off.

When it became apparent that he was not going to, I sat on the couch by the window and watched him until he finally left, about 20 minutes later.

I put the steak knife away right away, checked to make sure that he was still gone, and went back up to bed. It was another hour before I was able to calm down enough to go to sleep though.

I wish I could know if being upset at this level by someone ringing the doorbell (granted in the middle of the night) is normal, given my experiences, or if I am developing a level of paranoia. I have actually considered going to see a therapist to discuss the matter, even if for one session. The price however, dissuades me from doing so.

What do you think? Am I still just getting over my experiences and fear from being in the apartment, or is there something more serious going on?


Shopping and Politics

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Wedding planning continues to trek on schedule, with lots of new discoveries along the way. (Did you know that you have to get blood-typed in order to obtain a wedding license?) Hopefully I am discovering all the little extra bits that need to be done now, so that I am not overwhelmed (and panicked?) the day of the wedding.

Last week I went out for a movie (Megamind, cute!) with my two bridesmaids, and afterward we partook in a little bit of Dollarama shopping. We left with 11 vases and some stones to put in the bottom of them. Over the weekend Lindsay texted me, telling me that the Dollar Store not only has more vases (hopefully in a different size?), but also has rolls of plastic tablecloth! I guess I’ll be doing some more shopping this week ūüôā

On Sunday I went to mass at Holy Spirit for the sole purpose of catching the priest after mass. I have been running into some problems with getting married in the Catholic church – specifically that in order for them to marry you, you must have completed a marriage prep-course, which would be fine except we live in the Saskatoon Diocese and are getting married in the Regina Diocese. So, I have to make arrangements with my Saskatoon priest to fax the paperwork to the Regina Diocese, so that they may approve the paperwork and fax it to the church at which we are getting married. This is all made more complicated by the fact that we don’t want to take the marriage prep course through my church in Saskatoon, which offers courses that are 1 hour/week for 6 weeks – we would instead like to take our course through Saskatoon Family Services, which offers a 2 day intensive course. (Get it over with, right?)

Well, I talked to the priest and he said that this is fine, and to go ahead and do the prep course. He told me to make an appointment with him after we complete the course, so that he may send our paperwork to Regina. He also mentioned that as he was not the priest to baptise us, we must obtain new copies (within the last 6 months) of our baptismal certificates from the churches we were baptised at, in order for him to be able to send the paperwork. (The originals that we were given when we were baptised apparently aren’t good enough). So, I’ve got one leg in one hoop to get the paperwork down to Gravelbourg, another leg in another hoop to actually get us into a course, and both arms in a third hoop to get copies of our baptismal certificates (I pray that the churches kept good files!!)

In happier news, the invitations are currently at Staples being printed. I expect them to be done on Wednesday, at which point I will buy some envelopes and stamps, roll up my sleeves, and start addressing. If all goes well, I should be able to get the invitations out Friday. (Cross your fingers!)

I’ve also been doing some web scouting.

I found another ‘inspirational’ picture for flowers:

It’s not so much the caucophony of colours that I like about this one, but the variety of shapes and sizes, which keeps the texture interesting.

I also found a few pictures that I would like to do similar things as for the wedding shoot:

I like the top picture best in this set, although they are all great.

This one I like specifically for the bottom picture. I can imagine us taking this picture at the back of our wedding car, on either side of a sign that says ‘Just Married’ like this. It’s like, what did I just get myself into??

This picture is actually of something I want to do¬†at the wedding as well. It is expensive enough for everyone to come down to the wedding and what not, and I don’t want anyone passing around a hat for monetary gifts at the reception (as it is supposedly tradition to do). Instead, we have decided on having a ‘marital advice board’, advice given in leiu of cash gift,¬†as seen above. We’ll see how it goes. It could go really well, or it could be very dangerous.

This one is cute. The reason why I like this one is because it is like they are trying to get away from it all, have some time for each other on their big day without venturing so far as to be missed. The way it is captured looks both touching and innocent.

All in all, I think I’m still ahead of schedule. I still have to talk to my DJ (erp!) and figure out what to do for a video, and find a projector, and a screen… but other than that? The big stuff is taken care of. I think.

Here, here!

January 27, 2011

Sometimes I wonder…

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… whether the torment is worth it.

I’ve noticed my weight loss in my face, definitely, and in my… mammories… Haha!

I haven’t noticed a significant change in my clothes however, and I haven’t lost many pounds.

Every day I eat either the white of a boiled egg or one package of oatmeal for breakfast. By 11AM by body is crying for food. That puts me between 50-150 calories for the morning. I try to keep my lunch small, 500 calories at the very most. Usually about 300. I’ll have an apple or an orange for a snack in the afternoon, and then go to Curves (or soon, the gym) for 30 minutes after work on week days. (I take the weekends off for exercising to give my muscles a chance to recuperate). Then I go home and have a small supper, limiting myself again so that I’m at no more than 1300 calories in a day.

I don’t get it. The weight should just be pouring off. Am I doing something wrong? Am I destined to stay this size forever? My primary goal is only 15 lbs away. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do that. I want to be no more that 165 lbs on my wedding day. My secondary goal, which would be amazing, is to reach 140 lbs. I probably won’t do it by then but I want to try. I’m tired of being self conscious about my weight. I was a lot bigger before I started dieting (the first time), true, but I have a long way to go still.

I will be the skinny girl, damnit.

January 26, 2011

Sick of Curves…

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My journey with Curves has officially lasted two weeks today. And guess what?

I am so sick of it.

I really don’t look forward to going there. It is boring and I don’t feel any different afterward.

I am leaving the office and going straight to Curves today of course, and tomorrow, and…

All I can think is Thank God I didn’t buy the full year membership and opted for a 1 month free trial instead.

My Curves “membership” ends February 12. February 12 I am going to start at the YWCA, and pay for a month there. Maybe that will keep my attention.

All I know is that I can think of 1 000 000 other ways to use my time, and if I wasn’t so damn set on losing weight, going to the gym would not even be on the first handful of pages. If I’m bored there to boot… Well. There goes my only grasp on motivation.

January 24, 2011


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January 20, 2011

Ready for Spring

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January 14, 2011

You’re Invited…

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A wedding invitation has many elements that must be the same from card to card to make it work. Sure, some invitations are card-style and some are not. Yes, there is a vile trend toward e-vites right now. (I get that you’re trying to save some trees and money, but come on, it’s a wedding. I want something tangible). And yes, many of the invitations no longer follow a traditional style. There is also the wording. You need to tell them it’s a wedding, who’s getting married, what date, where, and what time. But after that, it’s pretty much a free for all.

This is what my invitations look like right now (there are two different cards side by side, as laid out on my screen. The top portion right now is the back, the bottom the front):

This is the inside, again two cards but as you would see it:


So far, so good. I just need to switch out the photos so that they are the actual rather than the sample, and photoshop my shirt in the first invitation so that the colour doesn’t clash quite so badly.

My question is this now though: What insert cards should there be?

I’m thinking¬†a card with a map on one side of it and accomodations on the other for the out-of-towners. Also a small card that invites guests to the gift opening on one side, with information about gift registries on the other.

I’m also going to be the annoying one and put confetti in them ūüôā

I don’t want an RSVP card… because I don’t want people mailing me their RSVPs.

But other than that… do I need anything else in there?

Let me know if you think of anything ūüôā

January 13, 2011

Weddings, weddings, weddings.

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It’s official, the whirlwind has begun.

My biggest task right now¬†is the invitations, which are almost done… I just have to swatch out the photo, change the file type, and make the little insert cards, then find out how much Staples would charge to print them vs. how much would it cost me to print at home, then actually do the printing, get the rest of the addresses, actually address the invitations, get the stamps, and send them.

Err… but I made the invitations?

I’m also starting to put together some pictures of bouquets that I like, to give Monique for inspiration. These are the ones that I have come up with so far:

Not very single minded, but I’ll get there.¬†I do know that I want the bridesmaid bouquets to be tied with navy ribbon though!

I’m also piddling around, looking for wedding pictures that I like for the photographer to look at, looking at decorations, and trying to sort out the knotted mess that is the Catholic political system.

They alway say that booking weddings is¬†a big job, but then you see all the brides that leave everything ’til the last minute. It¬†really is a lot of work though.¬†There is so much to think about!

January 10, 2011

Christmas in Plural

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Gilles and I spent our last Christmas as a ‘two entities’ this year, and in doing so spent the actual Christmas apart.

On the 23rd, I left for Gravelbourg where I celebrated Christmas with my relatives from my Dad’s side of the family. Dad grew up with six siblings, five of which went on to marry and have a minimum of one child, so this was quite an affair. On this side of the family we draw names for the exchange, in order to allow the gift we give to be both personal and to keep Christmas as inexpensive as possible. I had my cousin Brigitte this year, and I bought her three etched glass Christmas ornaments from a local craft fair. The ornaments were diamond in shape, with a “chipped look” etched edge. On of the ornaments was a horse in the sun, one was a horse head, and one was musical notes. I also made Memere (my dad’s mom) a scrapbook-style ‘Brag book’. I wasn’t able to find rings big enough (know where I can find 5″ rings¬†anyone?) so it ended up being two rings. The book itself is about¬†six inches square, and¬†designed so that it has pieces sticking out all over¬†the place. I did take a picture of this… but¬†Sasktel is being mean to me and won’t let me access my phone pictures online right now.

We also exchanged gifts among my immediate family. For my mom I bought a¬†handmade pottery¬†butter dish, in a nice deep green.¬†(She didn’t know what it was at first, and it was very amusing). I bought my brother a squash raquet and a pair of winter gloves, and my sister a sweater (which was too small so I exchanged it for an in-store credit for her later on). Gilles and I went together and bought my dad a 1 TB external hard-drive. Ironically, he had just bought the exact same one two weeks prior, so I ended up returning the hard drive later on and topping up the amount so I could give him¬†a $100 gift card for Futureshop.

And what did I get? Well I forgot to mention in my last post that we got spoiled by Elsie and Nolan for Christmas this year. We got a cookbook, a Habs travel mug, some Habs Christmas balls, a stuffed Christmas cat, some tea, a mug, and a Chapters (Indigo) gift card for sure… Hoo boy, I’m sure I’m forgetting at least one thing too.

From my brother I got Glee Season 1 part 2 (he wanted to get me both part 1 and 2, but couldn’t find part 1 anywhere). He also got me a travel mug that plugs into the cigarette jack in my car to stay warm, which is really cool.

From my sister I got an amazing teal and black scarf, and the board game Yatzee! The scarf below looks very similar to the one she got me, except mine has a bit more of a rich look (softer, thicker, shinier?) and is flowered instead of checkered.

I got a black Black and Decker coffee machine with a timer from my parents for Christmas (+ love!), a Kobo e-reader, (++ love!) and a Reitman’s gift card!

From Gilles I got seasons 6 and 7 of Gilmore Girls, to complete my set ūüôā

From my cousin Christa, I got a wool “mohawk” hat. It looks like the one below, but in cream with dark brown on it.

Memere also gave a gift for both Gilles and I – $50 and a two decks of Coca-Cola cards!

On December 27 I met Gilles in Regina, where he had been for his mom’s sides’ Christmas. They did a Christmas exchange there, and Gilles got a Saskatchewan Roughrider duffel bag, and a set of four hurricane glasses. I absolutely love the glasses, they look like this:

Gilles’ Memere surprised me with a gift when I got there as well (the same as she had given Gilles) – A few pairs of socks, a lotto ticket, and $50!

We had only an hour in Regina, and then Gilles joined me as we headed on to Tisdale for my Mom’s side of the family’s Christmas.

We had a Chinese gift exchange there as well. I gave a desktop picture holder, that held 4 albums. It is wooden, about three inches deep by six wide, by four high. Gilles gave the¬† 2011 ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ book (see below). It is sort of like the Guiness book of World Records books, except instead of records, it just holds really weird things.

Gilles recieved a $20 Sport Chek gift card (Michael’s gift), and I got three ‘country-style’ winter pictures and a package of assorted teas. I also got $10, a tube of Pringles (which I gave to Gilles), and a pair of hand-knitted socks from my grandmother.

On the 29th, we left Tisdale and went down to Riverhurst, where we celebrated Christmas and new years with Gilles’ dad’s side of the family. We spent our days playing many, many games, including hockey, sledding, and a lot of Magic the Gathering and Settlers of Catan. We had a Christmas exchange on the 30th. Gilles gave a ‘Polly the Insulting Talking Parrot’ (seen below), which says things like “Polly wants a cracker. Polly wants a cracker. Give Polly a fucking cracker!” and “Who’s the pretty Polly… Who’s the pretty Polly… … … Not you lardass!”, and a book of “sex positions for old people”. As you can tell, this Christmas is a very different one from the others that we attended! The gift that I brought was two pairs of boxers, (one pair had the Koolaid man on drugs, and the other had the words “My fucking boxers” written all over them), a tie that says “Kiss me, it’s Christmas!” and a sticker that says “There is no life without coffee”. From the exchange, Gilles got a wooden incense holder complete with incense, and I got a bag with: 2 bags of popcorn, a container of After 8 sticks, the movie ‘The BlindSide’, and a neat water bottle.

We returned home on January 2nd. First we went to Lindsay¬†and Kahleigh’s and dropped off their Christmas presents (they had left for¬†Christmas already when we dropped off the others).

I made Kahleigh a green and silver necklace, with a little heart at the end of a silver chain and a couple green beads further up. I gave Lindsay some “Fred” items: Tipsy Toes icecubes, Gin and Titonic ice cube maker, and Chimpsticks. (see below).

Gilles bought Kahleigh some chocolates, a hot chocolate maker, and some fuzzy socks, and Lindsay some shot classes and rocks glasses.

¬†Then, we¬†had a date night, as it was Gilles’ last night with me before school. We went for supper at Kelsey’s, and then went out to the movie ‘The Tourist’. (Loved it!)

All in all it was a very busy, very fun Holiday season, during which we both got very spoiled!

The map in ‘girl colours’ below shows my routing for the holidays, and the ‘boy colours’ one shows Gilles’!

City Santa

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The next day was a flurry and a nightmare all wrapped up into one.

We began visiting all of our friends right after work, starting with Cory and Mel who each recieved Tim Horton’s gift sets, including a container of coffee and a mug. Cory wasn’t home and Mel was on her way out the door, so it was quick – we basically dumped both gifts in her arms and said bye.

We then went over to Elsie and Nolan’s. I made Elsie a necklace (although I forgot to take a picture). It has a silver, oval shaped pendant at the end with swirls going everywhere, and a black bead within a silver ring about two thirds of the way up a silver chain on each side. It is a long necklace, resting about 3″ below collar bone.

For Nolan I made some computer key coasters out of tiles. I forgot to take a picture of these as well, but they were modelled after these ones by lterrill9:

My tiles actually look very similar to hers – my parents had redone their backsplash in the kitchen last year and had a bunch of extra, so they gave me 10 to work with. (Two disposables :P) I unfortunately didn’t find any corkboard for the backing in time, so I used black felt. It is okay, but it pulled a bit at the edges and gave it a bit less of a finished look.

All in all it was a really easy project. Paint your words/letters, seal with furniture clear-coat, cut and glue felt to back. I’ll probably do this again sometime.

Gilles gave Elsie a Fred ice cube tray for Christmas:

and he gave Nolan a pack Magic: The Gathering playing cards. As nerdy (in a Dungeons and Dragons kind of way) as this game is, Gilles got me playing over Christmas and I must admit – I’m hooked! (Although I cringe at the kind of money people pay for these games…)

After some kerfluffle about where people were, we then moved on to give Tynika and Josh their Christmas gift (from both of us). We got them the ‘Dirty Minds’ boardgame. We then moved on to Lisa and Jared, whom we got a set of jars for the counter. They were thrilled!

Despite a relatively short list, it was already 9:00 by the time Gilles and I finished. We grabbed a quick supper at Subway, and then went back to the house to wrap the rest of our gifts. We finished this at 2:00AM. Another late night.

(Continued: Christmas in Plural)

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