January 10, 2011

City Santa

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The next day was a flurry and a nightmare all wrapped up into one.

We began visiting all of our friends right after work, starting with Cory and Mel who each recieved Tim Horton’s gift sets, including a container of coffee and a mug. Cory wasn’t home and Mel was on her way out the door, so it was quick – we basically dumped both gifts in her arms and said bye.

We then went over to Elsie and Nolan’s. I made Elsie a necklace (although I forgot to take a picture). It has a silver, oval shaped pendant at the end with swirls going everywhere, and a black bead within a silver ring about two thirds of the way up a silver chain on each side. It is a long necklace, resting about 3″ below collar bone.

For Nolan I made some computer key coasters out of tiles. I forgot to take a picture of these as well, but they were modelled after these ones by lterrill9:

My tiles actually look very similar to hers – my parents had redone their backsplash in the kitchen last year and had a bunch of extra, so they gave me 10 to work with. (Two disposables :P) I unfortunately didn’t find any corkboard for the backing in time, so I used black felt. It is okay, but it pulled a bit at the edges and gave it a bit less of a finished look.

All in all it was a really easy project. Paint your words/letters, seal with furniture clear-coat, cut and glue felt to back. I’ll probably do this again sometime.

Gilles gave Elsie a Fred ice cube tray for Christmas:

and he gave Nolan a pack Magic: The Gathering playing cards. As nerdy (in a Dungeons and Dragons kind of way) as this game is, Gilles got me playing over Christmas and I must admit – I’m hooked! (Although I cringe at the kind of money people pay for these games…)

After some kerfluffle about where people were, we then moved on to give Tynika and Josh their Christmas gift (from both of us). We got them the ‘Dirty Minds’ boardgame. We then moved on to Lisa and Jared, whom we got a set of jars for the counter. They were thrilled!

Despite a relatively short list, it was already 9:00 by the time Gilles and I finished. We grabbed a quick supper at Subway, and then went back to the house to wrap the rest of our gifts. We finished this at 2:00AM. Another late night.

(Continued: Christmas in Plural)


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