January 14, 2011

You’re Invited…

Filed under: The Wedding Files — Chantelle @ 8:37 am

A wedding invitation has many elements that must be the same from card to card to make it work. Sure, some invitations are card-style and some are not. Yes, there is a vile trend toward e-vites right now. (I get that you’re trying to save some trees and money, but come on, it’s a wedding. I want something tangible). And yes, many of the invitations no longer follow a traditional style. There is also the wording. You need to tell them it’s a wedding, who’s getting married, what date, where, and what time. But after that, it’s pretty much a free for all.

This is what my invitations look like right now (there are two different cards side by side, as laid out on my screen. The top portion right now is the back, the bottom the front):

This is the inside, again two cards but as you would see it:


So far, so good. I just need to switch out the photos so that they are the actual rather than the sample, and photoshop my shirt in the first invitation so that the colour doesn’t clash quite so badly.

My question is this now though: What insert cards should there be?

I’m thinking a card with a map on one side of it and accomodations on the other for the out-of-towners. Also a small card that invites guests to the gift opening on one side, with information about gift registries on the other.

I’m also going to be the annoying one and put confetti in them 🙂

I don’t want an RSVP card… because I don’t want people mailing me their RSVPs.

But other than that… do I need anything else in there?

Let me know if you think of anything 🙂


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