January 31, 2011

Shopping and Politics

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Wedding planning continues to trek on schedule, with lots of new discoveries along the way. (Did you know that you have to get blood-typed in order to obtain a wedding license?) Hopefully I am discovering all the little extra bits that need to be done now, so that I am not overwhelmed (and panicked?) the day of the wedding.

Last week I went out for a movie (Megamind, cute!) with my two bridesmaids, and afterward we partook in a little bit of Dollarama shopping. We left with 11 vases and some stones to put in the bottom of them. Over the weekend Lindsay texted me, telling me that the Dollar Store not only has more vases (hopefully in a different size?), but also has rolls of plastic tablecloth! I guess I’ll be doing some more shopping this week 🙂

On Sunday I went to mass at Holy Spirit for the sole purpose of catching the priest after mass. I have been running into some problems with getting married in the Catholic church – specifically that in order for them to marry you, you must have completed a marriage prep-course, which would be fine except we live in the Saskatoon Diocese and are getting married in the Regina Diocese. So, I have to make arrangements with my Saskatoon priest to fax the paperwork to the Regina Diocese, so that they may approve the paperwork and fax it to the church at which we are getting married. This is all made more complicated by the fact that we don’t want to take the marriage prep course through my church in Saskatoon, which offers courses that are 1 hour/week for 6 weeks – we would instead like to take our course through Saskatoon Family Services, which offers a 2 day intensive course. (Get it over with, right?)

Well, I talked to the priest and he said that this is fine, and to go ahead and do the prep course. He told me to make an appointment with him after we complete the course, so that he may send our paperwork to Regina. He also mentioned that as he was not the priest to baptise us, we must obtain new copies (within the last 6 months) of our baptismal certificates from the churches we were baptised at, in order for him to be able to send the paperwork. (The originals that we were given when we were baptised apparently aren’t good enough). So, I’ve got one leg in one hoop to get the paperwork down to Gravelbourg, another leg in another hoop to actually get us into a course, and both arms in a third hoop to get copies of our baptismal certificates (I pray that the churches kept good files!!)

In happier news, the invitations are currently at Staples being printed. I expect them to be done on Wednesday, at which point I will buy some envelopes and stamps, roll up my sleeves, and start addressing. If all goes well, I should be able to get the invitations out Friday. (Cross your fingers!)

I’ve also been doing some web scouting.

I found another ‘inspirational’ picture for flowers:

It’s not so much the caucophony of colours that I like about this one, but the variety of shapes and sizes, which keeps the texture interesting.

I also found a few pictures that I would like to do similar things as for the wedding shoot:

I like the top picture best in this set, although they are all great.

This one I like specifically for the bottom picture. I can imagine us taking this picture at the back of our wedding car, on either side of a sign that says ‘Just Married’ like this. It’s like, what did I just get myself into??

This picture is actually of something I want to do at the wedding as well. It is expensive enough for everyone to come down to the wedding and what not, and I don’t want anyone passing around a hat for monetary gifts at the reception (as it is supposedly tradition to do). Instead, we have decided on having a ‘marital advice board’, advice given in leiu of cash gift, as seen above. We’ll see how it goes. It could go really well, or it could be very dangerous.

This one is cute. The reason why I like this one is because it is like they are trying to get away from it all, have some time for each other on their big day without venturing so far as to be missed. The way it is captured looks both touching and innocent.

All in all, I think I’m still ahead of schedule. I still have to talk to my DJ (erp!) and figure out what to do for a video, and find a projector, and a screen… but other than that? The big stuff is taken care of. I think.

Here, here!


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