February 1, 2011

In need of inspiration

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I gorged last night. I won’t give you any details, all I can will say is that it wasn’t pretty. To make matters worse, I didn’t exercise yesterday either (unless you consider grocery shopping and bringing in groceries exercise!) I don’t even know why this is going on, I seem to be in this funk.

I think I need some inspiration.

So lets see. What does Google suggest? (I am a big believer in ‘Google know everything-ism’).

The first thing that came up is Canadian Living ‘6 tips on maintaining weight-loss motivation’. That sounds good, let’s see.

1. Remember your initial reasons for wanting to lose weight.

Yeah, I want to be a skinny little bitch for my wedding. I would love it. Skinny feels better than food tastes, right? But either way, my dress will fit. Whether I lose weight or not. I would love to lose more weight for that but I have come a long way already. Can’t I just say I am doing good, and quit?

2. Use physical reminders of your goal.

Well I think the mental picture of me overweight in a wedding dress is a pretty good physical reminder. But the thing is, in order to be as big as I am in my mind, I would have to gain a lot of weight between now and July. Really, I don’t have a lot to worry about.

I do like what some people I know have been doing though… blowing up a huge calendar to put on their wall, and marking your weight down on it day by day, and marking in a bright colour when you got your workouts done. That could help.

3. Keep in mind how far you’ve come.

I really have come a long way. I was over 200 lbs once. I’m nowhere near that now.  And going to the gym has certainly helped with the arthritis in my knees. With the amount that the weather has been bouncing around this winter, I would be nearly crippled if I was still at the same weight I was. Now, it’s rare for them to bother me.

4. Try the “shopping bag cure”

ie/ fill shopping bags with the amount of weight you’ve lost and carry it around.

I dunno. I get that the amount that I lost is heavy. But this is still dumb.

5. Get support

This one is kind of obvious. We have ‘Thin Thursdays’ where we eat salad at work, and we ‘weigh in’ with our co-workers once every two weeks. Thing is though, seeing what my co-workers can get away with eating and still lose weight is rather un-inspirational rather than inspirational. I mean honestly, potatoe skins? I would gain immediately.

I think it will help when Gilles is back – he wants to join the Y with me, so we will have this ‘I worked out. Did you work out?’ competition vibe going on. But for now? It’s mostly pats on the back that are too light to give me a shove.

6. The $10 cure

This is basically eating the greasy, unhealthy food you are craving and living with the consequences.

And let me tell you, this may be the biggest motivator. Because while all that greasy, awful food tasted great when I ate it, today I feel really sick, and I know that that’s why. My body can’t healthy greasy fast food when it is used to a 90% vegetable diet.

I’ll keep at it… and hopefully it will be a long time until I binge again. I thought a long time about forcing myself to throw up last night after I came to my senses from all that eating. But I decided not to go there. I don’t want to be that person.

If nothing else keeps me motivated, this will.

I have the same body type as her and know that I could look like her if I could just… focus. If nothing else, Alyssa Milano will be my inspiration.


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