February 7, 2011


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We don’t have one yet (sorry to spoil the fun…) but we will be getting one at the beginning of April!

Okay, I digress. Pendng that we do not have any major monetary issues prior to the beginning of April and that we successfully bounce back financially from Gilles’ two months in school, we will get a kitten in April.

Granted, that sounds pretty iffy. But it is the closest I have come yet to Gilles telling me- Okay, go pick out a kitten now!

Our landlord is great about it too. She has said from the get-go that we can have a kitten, provided that we agree to get the carpets professionally cleaned by the cleaner of her choice when we move out. (I think that that is very fair!). Once we are ready to get a kitten we need only to email her to ask permission, which she will then grant in writing with that stipulation, so that we have a written record of the agreement. (She is very particular about the legal details… which is good. It is nice to see after renting from Elite, where a 24-hour notice is lucky to show up on your doorstep 12 hours prior to them entering your apartment).

The fact that we are adament about adopting a kitten will drastically decrease the number of cats available, but as the cat will be indoor only, it is important that it has not been subjected to any major trauma.

Based on the fact that we want a kitten, and that short-haired is preferred for an indoor cat, our options right now are as follows:

From the Saskatoon SPCA:

"Hook loves to explore and loves to hide, he is the biggest of the litter.""Ketsa likes to play lots and is very cuddly, she likes the other animals.""Littlest Hobo is a VERY cuddly kitten and loves to be held and enjoys being talked to."




“Casey was found during an early cold snap in front of a business called “Energy Doctor”. He was in the snow, cold, shivering and less than eight weeks old at the time. However, he instantly purred, cuddled and ate like a horse.His foster Auntie now says: “Casey is a very busy kitten. He likes his treats and toys. He gets along well with the other cats and loves being picked up and held. He has got one of the loudest purrs we have heard in along time.”

Estimated date of birth of Casey is August 21, 2010.”

Marianne (Grey) and Melvin (Orange)

Marianne’s Description:
“”I’m the softest, silver grey, mackerel tabby and the smallest of the bunch, also the most independent. I think I am the cutest and most affectionate little girl ever! My foster mom thinks I am the most mischevious of my litter mates. ”
Marianne is very pretty and a little love. She is the most competent and remains a bit of an adventurer. She seems the least reactive to the dogs and is quite happy to go nose to nose with them; she even slept beside them on one occasion. She really enjoys the Christmas villiage and did her King Kong impersonation until removed by her foster mom, covered in sparkles. She likes best to hang out with Melvin. Estimated date of birth is July 7, 2010.”
Melvin’s Description:
“”I am a little orange classic tabby with little white paws. I too am a boy and I’m the big adventurer in the bunch. I like to do things first, but someimes I’m a little accident prone. I am a cuddler and like to snuggle and purr with my people.”
Melvin is the quiet one who’s often found cuddled up with Mercedes and Marianne. He loves sleeping in the sun and is a little wary of the dogs but not afraid. He is a calm,sweet little guy and is really fond of Marianne with whom he is often paired up, sleeping or playing. He has a lovely soft purr and uses it often.
Estimated date of birth of Melvin is July 4, 2010.”
October (no picture):
October is a gentle soul with a adorable face. If there is an open lap she will find it. She is always at the door to greet you when you come home. She is a cuddly and social cat that gets a long with other cats, dogs and people of all ages. She would be a great cat for a family that is ready for snuggles. Date of birth of October is October 26, 2010. She was born in the program a few days after her Mom, Orianna was brought in off the street.
2 free kittens, looking for a good home.
” Two female Kittens looking for a good home . Appoximently 2-3 months old .

They are very active but loving kittens . good with children and other pets.  
please call or email for details .”
Cat for sale ($80)
”  ‘Pretzel’ is a lynx-point siamese, 6 month old unspayed female.  She was dumped on a friend by an irresponsible pet owner, but my friend couldn’t keep her due to her own two cats and a dog, which terrified her.

I took Pretzel off her hands, but she is not a good fit with my two mature cats (16 years and 9 years).  She would be good with other cats about her age.  She follows me everywhere in the house, and loves to give kisses.
Pretzel had all of her shots and a full physical the day after coming to me, and has a clean bill of health.  I have bill from vet for $237.   The $80 covers 1/3 of that.   Includes a food dish and litter box.
e-mail or call 291-1444″ 

Beautiful and very cuddly black cat to give to loving home FREE
“We unfortunately must give our kitty away. His name is Sparkles and he is a six month old, beautiful black cat with a big bushy tail; he is very cuddly and affectionate and great with kids. He is not yet fixed but is up to date on all immunizations. I am also giving away his litter box, scratching post, and cat carrying kennel all for free! Please respond with an email with your name and phone number if you are interested.”
Orange kittens to give away (no picture)
These kittens are about 3 months old and ready to go to a good home.  Call 664-2777. No emails please.
Kittens (no picture)
“4 kittens looking for their new forever homes.  Please contact to arrange a visit “
4 kittens left (no picture)
“4 adorable kittens in need of good home, 3 males, only one female left. 2 Males are grey and white, and one is pure grey; female is multicoloured, grey, white and orange. If interested please send email for phone number and location.”
That is what is available right now. By the beginning of April I am sure that the adoption agencies and Kijiji will be slew with spring births… I can’t wait!


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