March 30, 2011


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We went to see Tangled last night. And by “we”, I mean myself, Gilles, Jarrod, Lisa, Jodie, Tynika, and Josh. That is, three females and two males. (I am not convinced that the guys knew what they were getting themselves into.)

Long story short (and to keep this from becoming a long, huffy review), it was the cutest show I have seen in a long time. I loved it.

There were a few obvious plot holes (ie/ how did she know, or know how to do this and that if she had never been to the outside world and her kidnapper obviously wasn’t teaching her anything) and there were a few things that I didn’t like (for a girl kicks ass movie, Rapunzel was pretty helpless still). But overall, it had my smiling, laughing, on the verge of crying (which is the most any movie can do), and if we weren’t in a crowded theatre I probably would have even been cheering.

The guys did… okay. Gilles, Jarrod and Jodie were all sitting together, which was an obvious mistake. They spent the movie talking about how they were never going to get this time of their life back, and “Aw, another song?!” and laughing at the kids who were misbehaving. Quite frankly, if I hadn’t been so involved in the movie the guys would have driven me crazy. They almost did anyway.

I was quite impressed with Josh though. He has always grated against me the wrong way, primarily based on the fact that he is a horn-dog and isn’t afraid to let the world know it. My first impressions of him were that he was rude, inconsiderate and brash. I don’t know if it is that I am getting to know him better, he is on his best behaviour around me (I may have mentioned something to his girlfriend), or that now that he and Tynika have been together longer, she is having a positive influence on him. I don’t know. What I do know is that even after the movie, when all the guys were still joking about how much they hated it, and how there should have at least been a porn sequence, Josh stayed quiet. He even said a few minutes later that, while he wasn’t fond of all the singing, it was a good show. I must say, I was very impressed.

Meanwhile Gilles refused to sit beside me at the show and promptly went to play his games on the computer and then went to bed when he got home. One of those days…


March 29, 2011

Something called …

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Something called. It is still calling me now. I can hardly believe it.

People hold onto your hats, because I am about to say something extraordinary.

After all the false starts I have had so far, between Curves and the YWCA, and all the other times I have tried to exercie in the past, I have the feeling. I am being called.

I am looking forward to, even craving exercise. WHAT?!

I never thought that this would happen. I never thought that going to the gym would feel like anything but pulling teeth.

Last night, I had a bad headache and the arthritis in my knees was flaring up. I easily could have said that I didn’t want to go, that I wanted to take the night off. But I didn’t. Because as much as it surprised me, I wanted to go. And by the time I was done, my headache was gone and my knees felt a bit better.

I am still going to stick to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday commitment for now, simply because of the time that it takes up. But I do want to go on Tuesday next week, to try out a beginners yoga class. I have never done yoga and want to try it.

This new desire to go to the gym, I think, is stemming from my friend Lisa. Gilles suggested that she start coming to the gym with us, and at first I was resistant but now I think it is a good thing. She has a devotion to the gym that is addictive. She exercises every single morning before work, and then again on the nights that I go. She is my inspiration right now.


What I’ve learned today:

Friday March 25th

– It is easy to let things slip between the cracks. The trick is noticing them, and picking them back up.

Saturday, March 26th

– While Gilles will eventually tell me everything, he sometimes needs time (to the tune of a couple months) before he does. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Sunday, March 27

– Whether I mean to or not, I have a tendency to manipulate those around me. For instance, Sunday we went to see Hall Pass. True, it is a movie that I was interested in seeing. But Gilles often goes to movies with other friends and leaves me behind. I think I may have pushed to see this one so quickly because, based on the connotations of the movie, I wanted to be the one to see it with him – I didn’t want him going to see it with a group of guys. I am not sure how I feel about this realization either.

Monday, March 28

– I like the gym. That will throw me for awhile.

March 28, 2011

Marriage Prep Course

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This weekend Gilles and I completed our Catholic Family Services Marriage Prep Course – a requirement for getting married in the Catholic church.

All I can say is… well, we have our certificate.

Both Gilles and I are planners and talkers. We didn’t learn anything about each other we didn’t already know.

Next, to get new copies of our baptismal certificates so my priest here will actually send our marriage prep certificate.

March 25, 2011


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Maybe it’s because I’m living in the city now. Maybe it’s because my friends see that I’m not in university anymore and go ‘Oh, she has extra time and money now.’ Maybe it’s because of my age, or maybe it’s because I am a woman. I don’t know. What I do know is that I have been invited to a lot of parties lately. Six this week, in fact. Arbonne, Mary Kay, PartyLite, Lia Sophia, Mom’s Pantry, Stella Ertois.

Now, being a commerce student, and a marketing major especially, my immediate thought as soon as I am invited to yet another party, is pyramid scheme!! Run away! (Okay. Maybe my reaction isn’t quite that extreme, but I do feel sorry for the people who get sucked into thinking that they are actually getting what they are putting in).

I am not going to go into details of why pyramid schemes are evil, or how unless ‘consultants’ are willing to make it their full-time job, they will spend around half the money they make on upkeep (after all, you need to buy the new magazines, the new product to show, and there is a monthly fee if you want a website). You can read about most of that in the link I provided.

What I am trying to get at is that many of my friends are not only agreeing to host parties, a few of them have become consultants. And being the person I am, I then feel obligated to attend their parties to help them raise money, buy product, and go to any conventions I am invited to. (After all, if I don’t who will right?) This was okay when there was just one here or there, but like I said, I have been invited to six parties this week. I don’t have that kind of money.

So, after all this gracious help and money spending, I finally started to say no. And out of all the parties this week, I only went to one.

I have to admit, it felt good. The first parties I veto’d were those of my co-workers. I don’t normally spend time with them outside of work, so I felt less of an obligation to attend their parties. (It also helped that they were hosts and not consultants.) That eliminated the Arbonne, the Stella Ertois, Lia Sophia and the Mom’s Pantry. Okay, two left. Which of these two are hosting and which are consultants? Both are consultants. Crap. Which is a closer friend? They are both close friends. Which night do I have less going on? PartyLite. Done. Sorry, Mary Kay.

I will continue to attend parties and support my friends when I can, but I will not break the bank doing it, and I will not attend more parties than I have time for.


What I’ve Learned Today: March 24th, 2011:

It doesn’t hurt to stick your neck out there. Most people aren’t willing to take a bite at it.

March 24, 2011

What I Learned Today – March 23, 2011

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That it doesn’t make sense to do a ‘What I learned today’ post, in the middle of the day. I have decided to talk about what I learned yesterday each day instead. It just makes sense. After all, if you are posting first thing in the morning how much can you honestly have learned?

In other news, my weight is up. 189 this morning.

I don’t get it.

That is as heavy as I was before I started trying to lose weight for the wedding, in November.

Is it because I’m gaining muscled from going to the gym again? That is what makes sense, and that is what I am trying to tell myself, but at the same time… 10 lbs of muscle in two weeks? I don’t get it.

Maybe I’m retaining a lot of water. I do feel kinda bloated.

Or maybe, maybe I’m not eating as well as I thought I was.

I don’t know.

March 22, 2011

What I learned today – March 22, 2011

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There can be too much of a good thing.

I guess I already kind of knew this, but it is being reiterated in a big way today, as I rush to get all my assignments done at work whilst having more poured on, I collect PartyLite orders for Lindsay and drop them off whilst trying to remember that Partylite is supposed to deliver today, and oh – was someone supposed to be at home for that? And going to the gym, and oh – I have to get my plants started, and don’t forget to phone Gilles’ dad, and get the patching done let alone the new sewing (that I promised myself I would do months ago), and oh, you want supper? Okay, well wait here while I do another load of laundry.

I love my life. I do. But I need to figure out how to slow it down. Any ideas???

March 21, 2011

What I’ve Learned Today – March 21, 2011

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Elsie mentioned something on Saturday that got me thinking. She said ‘You are supposed to learn one new thing every week.’ (Or something to that effect).

Of course, me being my hyper-exaggerated self, transferred that into – “You need to learn one new thing a day.”

To which I thought, What a great blog idea!

I won’t promise that I will make it on here every day. But I will try.

In addition to my usual postings, I will now feature a ‘What I learned today’ section.

So, what did I learn today?

I learned about a great website called

The lowest unique ‘bidder’ wins a gift certificate. It is great advertising, and a lot of fun.

March 18, 2011

New feature

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I have been trying out twitter lately, and I must say it is a bit of a rush when someone thinks you are important enough to subscribe to.

My twitter account has actually been active for… oh, probably a couple of years by now but I’ve never really taken interest in it until now.

If you read my blog in its actual page (rather than in a viewer), you may have noticed that I added a twitter feed into the sidebar. I am not sure if this is where it is going to stay, or even if it is going to stay at all. This is a trial run.

What are your thoughts on twitter (and/or twitter running in conjunction with a blog?)

March 16, 2011

Adorable, with a capital ‘A’

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We found our kitten.

Actually, we found four. We can only take one of them though. 🙂

I posted an ad on kijiji, stating that we are looking for a kitten to become an indoor cat, stipulating that it must be shorthair and born in February or March. (I’m not picky at all, am I?)

A girl from Radisson, SK answered the ad, saying that her cat Mitzey had four kittens over the February break. Of course I jumped on the opportunity. The poster goes to school in the city, and her mom works in the city every day. They will drop the kitten off at my house. It will be interesting to see how scheduling that will work.

Of course, as I said the litter is of four kittens. I only get one.

I asked her to choose it for me.

Okay, now the part of the post that you have been waiting for… the kittens.

March 15, 2011


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It’s melting! It’s melting! Hurrah!

… Logically I shouldn’t be as happy about this as I am. After all, my allergies are going to go haywire (pardon the pun) any moment now, I won’t be able to access my driveway again because the driveway will be gunk, my car is being assaulted with both salt being splashed at it and water getting into all of its insides, I won’t have clean pants for weeks, Gilles will be tracking in mountains of mud from his job sites, it will freeze overnight turning my car into a popsicle daily (re: nightly), people will get spring fever and forget how to drive on ice, I will have to arrange to get my winter tires off, and I will have to finally fix that hole in my bumper… But holy jemima I’m happy, because it’s spring baby!

(Granted, the forecast doesn’t quite agree with me yet… this week’s forecast was updated today to include snow flurries all week. But, they still say that the lowest high this week will be -4, and that the rest of the week we will get up to 0….) I’ll take it!

This means that soon I can go walking and biking, and that I can start my plants now, and I can go outside without a jacket soon, and soon I will be able to feel the hot sun beating down on my face… glorious.

And I have an overwhelming urge to clean.

Can somebody say spring fever??

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