March 14, 2011

Bad Blogger

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I still haven’t remembered to put up the craft pictures. Bad blogger!

But, I do have some other things to talk to you about.

First of all, and foremost in my mind at the moment, look at this!

Crikey batman, I think the sun may have finally stopped being quite so shy of us. Could that actually be… melting temperatures? Catch me now.

Okay, but seriously. I wanna garden. 🙂

In other news, I am a huge success and an utter failure so far. Ain’t it dandy?

We’ll start with the depressing failure news.

I like food.

(I bet you thought it would be something a little less obvious, right?)

The problem is, I like food way too much. So much so that not only have I not lost any weight since my last update here, but I’m back up to 186 lbs.

Heavens to Betsy.


I’m not giving up yet. Gilles and I are getting a Saskatoon Leisure Pass after work today, and we are exercising. Like for real, not just a palsy walk. We are going to gym it. And I am going to stop carb-loading. That is my biggest problem – I love me some pasta. And I don’t know when to stop. Tummy hurts? Shift your weight so you can fit more lady, cuz that’s some good food right there!

I am back on the mostly veggies and only allowing myself healthy meats when I eat meat at all diet. I will still make Gilles seperate food, because he gets really mad when I starve him. (He does work a much more physical job than my computer typing after all). But there is a lot of broccoli and fish in my future.

I am finally giving myself the right tools to do it though. Gym? Check. Vegetables that don’t break the bank? Check. (We bought a Costco membership Sunday). Healthy cooking options? Check. (Dad gave us their old bbq Saturday, and I do own a steamer.)

I don’t wanna be a fat bride.

So what is the good news you say?

Well, I am now employed full-time, permanent.

Thank-you West Wind Aviation!

I am now officially a gradumicated working woman. Hurrah!

(Oh, and more news on the kitten sitch coming soon!)


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