April 5, 2011

For the love of blog!

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I love blogs.

While I may not have been blogging long, (I am approaching my one-year anniversary though – wow!) I have definitely been reading blogs for a long time. This has made me somewhat of a subjective blog reader. Unfortunately, I don’t pass many of my blog reading habits on to improve my own blog. For instance – If the blog post contains no pictures and lots of words, I will read roughly the first third in depth and skim through the rest. (With exception to a few blogs, or exceptionally interesting posts). I blame this habit on university, and getting a thousand emails a day at work.

I have a few blogs that I read religiously. The moment I see a new entry fall into my blog reader, I am opening it up to see what the writer has to say. Some of these blogs are great to read, some are embarrassing to admit that I read. My ‘must-read-now’ list includes:

Crow Seer’s Blog – This is the blog of a good friend of mine. She is just getting into the blogging world and doesn’t post very often, but when she does, she takes time to think about what she needs to get out into the universe.

The Splines – This is one of those ones that you hate to admit to loving reading. But, it is like reading a fiction novel – it isn’t real peoples’ lives, and it is a story all the same… and I love me some Sims.

Advertising/Design Goodness – This one shows the industry that I work in. This blog is always full of great ads, perfect for getting the creative juices flowing.

HELLOmynameisHeather – While not frequently posted in, and related to an actual company, this blog frequently has things that inspire me creatively for my arts and crafts.

Lucy Knisley – A comic artist whose posts are (almost) always roll off your chair funny, and inspiring. Her latest comic encompasses the entire first four books of the Harry Potter series.

Live out Loud – Once upon a time I went to see a play called The Full Monty. I was very impressed by the lead actor’s performance, and subsequently ‘googled’ his name to see what other plays he was in. I was disappointed not to find anything at the time, but did find this blog, belonging to his wife, also an actress. (Wow, that’s a lot of commas). Subsequent commenting on each others’ posts has now blossomed into a friendship, for which I am grateful.

PostSecret – While its growth from a niche website to a large company that publishes books and has tours has somewhat devalued postsecret for me, I still enjoy looking at the post cards that are sent in.

In addition to my ‘must reads’, I also have many other blogs that I follow. I read them daily, all of them good. As soon as I get tired of a blog, or find that I like it but it posts so much that I feel unundated, I simply ‘unfollow’ it. I am not going to read a blog that I feel is too imposing upon me. Basically, if a blog posts more than once a day, I will not read it – with a couple exceptions. I have to really love the blog to read that much. But this is for good reason – according to my reader, I am currently I am following 147 blogs! I’m not doing so bad if I say so myself… my ‘must-reads’ are all read, and I only have 795 posts currently unread in my reader (The oldest dating March 24, 2011). I try to get it down to 500 by the end of each day, but that won’t be happening today as it accumulated more than usual over the weekend.

How many blogs do you read? Do you use a reader to keep track of them?


March 30, 2011


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We went to see Tangled last night. And by “we”, I mean myself, Gilles, Jarrod, Lisa, Jodie, Tynika, and Josh. That is, three females and two males. (I am not convinced that the guys knew what they were getting themselves into.)

Long story short (and to keep this from becoming a long, huffy review), it was the cutest show I have seen in a long time. I loved it.

There were a few obvious plot holes (ie/ how did she know, or know how to do this and that if she had never been to the outside world and her kidnapper obviously wasn’t teaching her anything) and there were a few things that I didn’t like (for a girl kicks ass movie, Rapunzel was pretty helpless still). But overall, it had my smiling, laughing, on the verge of crying (which is the most any movie can do), and if we weren’t in a crowded theatre I probably would have even been cheering.

The guys did… okay. Gilles, Jarrod and Jodie were all sitting together, which was an obvious mistake. They spent the movie talking about how they were never going to get this time of their life back, and “Aw, another song?!” and laughing at the kids who were misbehaving. Quite frankly, if I hadn’t been so involved in the movie the guys would have driven me crazy. They almost did anyway.

I was quite impressed with Josh though. He has always grated against me the wrong way, primarily based on the fact that he is a horn-dog and isn’t afraid to let the world know it. My first impressions of him were that he was rude, inconsiderate and brash. I don’t know if it is that I am getting to know him better, he is on his best behaviour around me (I may have mentioned something to his girlfriend), or that now that he and Tynika have been together longer, she is having a positive influence on him. I don’t know. What I do know is that even after the movie, when all the guys were still joking about how much they hated it, and how there should have at least been a porn sequence, Josh stayed quiet. He even said a few minutes later that, while he wasn’t fond of all the singing, it was a good show. I must say, I was very impressed.

Meanwhile Gilles refused to sit beside me at the show and promptly went to play his games on the computer and then went to bed when he got home. One of those days…

March 22, 2011

What I learned today – March 22, 2011

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There can be too much of a good thing.

I guess I already kind of knew this, but it is being reiterated in a big way today, as I rush to get all my assignments done at work whilst having more poured on, I collect PartyLite orders for Lindsay and drop them off whilst trying to remember that Partylite is supposed to deliver today, and oh – was someone supposed to be at home for that? And going to the gym, and oh – I have to get my plants started, and don’t forget to phone Gilles’ dad, and get the patching done let alone the new sewing (that I promised myself I would do months ago), and oh, you want supper? Okay, well wait here while I do another load of laundry.

I love my life. I do. But I need to figure out how to slow it down. Any ideas???

March 21, 2011

What I’ve Learned Today – March 21, 2011

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Elsie mentioned something on Saturday that got me thinking. She said ‘You are supposed to learn one new thing every week.’ (Or something to that effect).

Of course, me being my hyper-exaggerated self, transferred that into – “You need to learn one new thing a day.”

To which I thought, What a great blog idea!

I won’t promise that I will make it on here every day. But I will try.

In addition to my usual postings, I will now feature a ‘What I learned today’ section.

So, what did I learn today?

I learned about a great website called

The lowest unique ‘bidder’ wins a gift certificate. It is great advertising, and a lot of fun.

February 7, 2011


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January 24, 2011


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January 20, 2011

Ready for Spring

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