March 15, 2011


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It’s melting! It’s melting! Hurrah!

… Logically I shouldn’t be as happy about this as I am. After all, my allergies are going to go haywire (pardon the pun) any moment now, I won’t be able to access my driveway again because the driveway will be gunk, my car is being assaulted with both salt being splashed at it and water getting into all of its insides, I won’t have clean pants for weeks, Gilles will be tracking in mountains of mud from his job sites, it will freeze overnight turning my car into a popsicle daily (re: nightly), people will get spring fever and forget how to drive on ice, I will have to arrange to get my winter tires off, and I will have to finally fix that hole in my bumper… But holy jemima I’m happy, because it’s spring baby!

(Granted, the forecast doesn’t quite agree with me yet… this week’s forecast was updated today to include snow flurries all week. But, they still say that the lowest high this week will be -4, and that the rest of the week we will get up to 0….) I’ll take it!

This means that soon I can go walking and biking, and that I can start my plants now, and I can go outside without a jacket soon, and soon I will be able to feel the hot sun beating down on my face… glorious.

And I have an overwhelming urge to clean.

Can somebody say spring fever??


January 31, 2011


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When we lived in the apartment, we had all sorts of problems, including having the bedroom window broken above our heads at one point.

I couldn’t sleep through the night by myself anymore at the apartment. Any little noise would wake me up and the thought of turning off the bedroom light terrified me. I slept with a bat.

Since we have moved to the house, I have gotten a lot better. We are in a good neighbourhood, we don’t sleep level with the ground, and we have an alarm system.

Gilles has been living in Moose Jaw for four weeks now. He is usually back on the weekend, but I’m by myself during the week. It still takes me about an hour to fall asleep when I’m by myself (as opposed to instantly when Gilles is home), but I have no problem sleeping with the light off and I sleep through the night now.

Last night, someone rang the doorbell at 12:40. I wasn’t asleep yet, but I was close. I think I lost about 5 years off my life from being so scared.

It felt like it took me about 5 minutes to decide to get up, rather than ignore it in hopes they would go away. In truth, it probably took 10-15 seconds. I turned on every light in the house as I went downstairs, in hopes it would look like more people were there and I wasn’t home alone. I could see the side light on, so I knew that the person had gone to that door.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a steak knife.

Even though I knew that the person had gone to the side door anyway, I went to the front door and looked out first. I think I was trying to buy myself more time. Despite the fact that someone had rung the doorbell and so I should expect to see someone standing at the side door, all I could think about was a man standing within inches of the door, standing straight on and his eyes boring into me as I opened the blind to look out. So I still didn’t go to the side door after I went to the front door. I found myself wishing our side door was solid wood with a tiny peephole like an apartment, instead of having its nice window.

Instead, I stood in the main hallway and looked out the front window. I couldn’t see anyone, but there was a running vehicle in front. That didn’t help my anxiety.

I then went to the kitchen window and tried to see the side door from there. I didn’t want the person to see me. I couldn’t see anything.

Finally I mustered up the courage to pull back the roll-up blind on the side door just a little, and peek out. There was no one there. I started to go back to the front door, and noticed a man walking down the front walk toward his vehicle. I stood in the hallway for some time, watching to see if he would just drive off.

When it became apparent that he was not going to, I sat on the couch by the window and watched him until he finally left, about 20 minutes later.

I put the steak knife away right away, checked to make sure that he was still gone, and went back up to bed. It was another hour before I was able to calm down enough to go to sleep though.

I wish I could know if being upset at this level by someone ringing the doorbell (granted in the middle of the night) is normal, given my experiences, or if I am developing a level of paranoia. I have actually considered going to see a therapist to discuss the matter, even if for one session. The price however, dissuades me from doing so.

What do you think? Am I still just getting over my experiences and fear from being in the apartment, or is there something more serious going on?

January 26, 2011

Sick of Curves…

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My journey with Curves has officially lasted two weeks today. And guess what?

I am so sick of it.

I really don’t look forward to going there. It is boring and I don’t feel any different afterward.

I am leaving the office and going straight to Curves today of course, and tomorrow, and…

All I can think is Thank God I didn’t buy the full year membership and opted for a 1 month free trial instead.

My Curves “membership” ends February 12. February 12 I am going to start at the YWCA, and pay for a month there. Maybe that will keep my attention.

All I know is that I can think of 1 000 000 other ways to use my time, and if I wasn’t so damn set on losing weight, going to the gym would not even be on the first handful of pages. If I’m bored there to boot… Well. There goes my only grasp on motivation.

January 10, 2011

Christmas Shopping

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December 21st was a Christmas shopping nightmare. We are not usually the type to leave shopping so late… (Ok cut. I am not the type. Gilles most definitely is.)… but with everything going on, it just sort of… happened.  Somehow Gilles’ friend Mitch got invited, and the Christmas shopping began. Our list looked like this:
– Regina gift exchange gift (his mom’s side of the family)
– Riverhurst gift exchange gift (his dad’s side of the family)
– Tisdale gift exchange gift (my mom’s side of the family)
– Michael (my brother)
– Kelsey (my sister)
– Brenda (my mom)
– Rick (my dad)
– Elsie (friend)
– Nolan (friend)
– Lindsay G. (friend)
– Kahleigh (friend)
– Lisa and Jared (friends – couple)
– Tynika and Josh (friends – couple)
– Cory and Mel (friends – couple)
My list:
– Riverhurst exchange
– Tisdale exchange
– Dad
– Michael
– Kelsey (again – I’ll explain).
– Lindsay
– Tynika and Josh
– Lisa and Jared
– Cory and Mel
It was a long night. I shopped with both Gilles and Mitch until he had to leave for hockey at 9:30. Then I shopped with Mitch until 12:15. After that, I had to wrap all of the gifts that we would be handing out the next day. I finally got to bed at 2:30 (for the second time that week… it makes for an extra early 6:30 morning).
(Continued in my next post: City Santa)

October 5, 2010


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Sometimes I’m great at it. Other times I’m awful. I think most people are like that.

Because I have so little free time, my time is hyper-organized. Today I work until 4:30, go home and eat a bag of instant rice before running to my night class. I then sit in class until we are ‘released’ at 8:30, and then return home. I will then set up my lamp in the office, and attempt to do a little bit of organizing. Hopefully I will have time to clean the bathroom. 

Tomorrow, I will again work from 7:30-4:30. I will then stop first at the bank to transfer some money into another account for rent and bills, then stop at the grocery store. I will pick up the ingredients I need for my Thanksgiving desserts, and then return home where I will spend the evening making said desserts. (Hopefully I will have time to enjoy my freshly cleaned bathtub afterward).

It goes on as such. Every day is planned so that there is room for a little flexibility, but not much. This part of my life? Is organized.

However there are other parts that are far from organized. The house still isn’t unpacked. When I return home, I dump the newest handouts from each stack onto my desk, instead of neatly placing them in my binder – because I haven’t found my three-hole-punch in the myriad of items strewn throughout the house.

And you know how I said that I was going to buy the ingredients for the desserts that I am making tomorrow? Well that is all fine and good, except I have no idea where said recipe to get an ingredient list is from…

Which then throws me off my carefully planned schedule.

But I’ve made enough lists. I’ve made so many lists they are no longer any help. The easy answer would be (Duh! Unpack and get organized). I’m working on it. But there’s a long way to go, because quite frankly, that takes TIME. Time that I don’ t have. Time that I won’t have until the new year. But boy, if the house is still full of boxes in December I’ll flip. Gah!

I guess I’ll just have to settle on doing the best I can for now. One step at a time.

October 1, 2010

The Nightmare Before Christmas

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How appropriate.

People who are like me (routinely biting off more than they can chew) know what I’m talking about. October is the season for… what? Stress. Panic. A feeling of overwhelmingness.

This year is no different.

I broke down and cried last night. People, I broke down and cried because I couldn’t find my day planner for three days. Straw on the camel’s back, right? (For those who don’t know the story – see here. It is one of Aesop’s Fables.)

Anyway, I have been completely overwhelmed. Totally and completely. Between being crazily busy at work, trying to keep up in my classes, still trying to unpack, trying to keep a clean house (groceries, laundry, housecleaning, etc!), attempting to have a social life, and all that, I’m tuckered out.

What makes it all a bit better though, is that I do love fall. I love crunching the leaves under my feet. I love all the colourful leaves. I love raking up the leaves and putting them in pumpkin garbage bags – because I know that soon there will be more leaves anyway. Fall is like a fresh layer of snow, that never gets dirty.

Fall means pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes, and stuffing. It means turkey, and gravy, and wine. It means dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a day – not just escapism through reading but in your own life.

It means people getting grumpy because four ‘holidays’ are mushed up into the stores at once: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas. (Which as a marketer, I find amusing in a sadistic sort of way).

It means no more worring about the weather and if my parents will get their harvest done.

I hate fall, and I hate the stress that it brings to my life. But most of all? I love fall.

September 14, 2010

How busy is too busy?

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I started my second night class last night… it will be another heavy one.

This caused me to start wondering, how busy is too busy?

Are you okay as long as you get some semblance of sleep and maintain your sanity? Or are you too busy the second you start to lose sleep for the sake of ‘getting things done’?

Is too busy the point at which you give up your social life in order to get “the more important things” done?

I’m working full time, plus. That’s a minimum of 40 hours in the office a week; realistically I spend 45 hours/week (including unpaid lunch breaks), plus an hour each day of commute time. So that brings me to 50 hours taken up.

They say that a minimum of five hours must be spent for each hour of university class outside of class; so based on six hours of class per week, I am looking at 30 hours of homework/study time. (plus the six hours of class brings me to 36 hours at school).

At some point during the week, I must sleep. I know, it’s painful, but I must. So if I’m generous to myself and actually allow eight hours of sleep / night, that means… 56 hours/week used up sleeping.

Okay. 7 days x 24 hours = 168 hours / week.

168 hours – 56 hours sleeping = 112 hours.

112 hours – 50 hours for work = 62 hours.

62 hours – 36 hours for school = 26 hours remaining.

So that means if I am perfectly efficient, I have a total of 26 hours per week free. That doesn’t sound so bad. Thats an entire day. That means that maybe, even if I am un-efficient, I might be able to spend a weekend with friends. Have a social life. Retain my sanity.

… OH. I have a 3 1/2 hour/way drive on Friday, and a 8.5 hour first aid recert with my sister on Saturday, and a 3 1/2 hour return drive Sunday…

(off to crunch some more numbers…)

Well, I think I will keep track of my time… like a time journal. Do you think this is a good idea? Then I can streamline my life for the next few months, determine where I am inefficient, and fix it so that I may maintain some sanity.


Total Time spent per class so far:

English: 10h20

Comm: 3h30

This will be my base, and I will measure time spent on other things from today forward.

… Do you think it will work?

September 13, 2010


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Maybe it would have been safer to go camping. I don’t know.

It probably would have had a similar effect on my wallet. (Ouch.)

It was quite the weekend though.


Swimming… Hamburgers… Board and card games… Mini-golf… almost like real camping.

That is, almost except for the fact that we were in the middle of the city, sleeping under a roof (we haven’t turned the furnace on yet, so that made things a little more realistic), and the fact that we ordered pizza and chinese for supper…

Eh… what can I say.

I like camping. 🙂

(And I need to charge my camera still… sorry!)

September 8, 2010

And it begins.

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Last night was my first night class of the semester. My first class of the semester. My last first class of probably my life.

The class is English 379 – Modernist Writing & Contexts.

Have you taken the class? Do you know anything about modernist writing? Am I going to actually enjoy this class?

I don’t know.

The first class was… incredibly dry.

Perhaps that is because none of us have actually read anything yet, so there is little to discuss.

Perhaps because introductions are typically dull.

Perhaps I’m just so tired of school.

Our first assignment is to read Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and be prepared with some analysis and suggestions for discussion by next Tuesday.

Did I mention I tried to read Heart of Darkness before? I hated it. I got about a quarter of the way through the book, gave up, and just read the explanation online.

I know. That’s not cool. You could almost say it’s cheating. (But in all fairness it’s not like I stole anyone’s ideas or plagiarized… I just chose not to write about that particular book for any assignment.)

But my point is this. This time, I think I should read it. I think I should open it up, dip in my nose, and read it. All the way from page one, to page… 121. It’s not a big book. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. But… here I am.

I brought it to work in my purse today. I fully intended to read it over lunch. I was going to start. And until about 11:00, I stuck with my plan. But then at 11:00 I saw it. US! Weekly. And this was the picture on the cover:

The cover story was about these two getting married.

Yeah… I didn’t crack open Heart of Darkness.

But I promise myself– I will tonight. Because if I have to read it this weekend while we are camping, I swear I will do so kicking and screaming.

July 20, 2010

We Interrupt This Program…

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In case you weren’t aware, (which I think half the world is), I’ve been tearing my hair out for a few weeks now. (Figuratively speaking of course.)

See, I found out on the 8th that my contract at work has been extended from the end of August to the end of April.

Now, I’ve been looking for a job for the fall for some time now, but there isn’t a lot available at the moment. At least, not a lot available that I’m not overqualified for. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

So when I found out that my contract had been extended, Gilles and I decided that it was time for us to move.

Thus started the never-ending discussion. Well, when can we afford to move? Not September, because having to come up with first and last month rent would be too much on top of my tuition, especially if Gilles is gone to school.

October could work, but by then all of the good housing has been swallowed up by the University students.

We quickly came to the conclusion that while it would make money tight for a couple of months, the best time to move would be August.

This launched me into a frantic search for rentals on Kijiji, the Star Phoenix website, and the websites of rental companies I could think of. We saw several places in two weeks, a few of which were offered to us. Unfortunately, the ones that were offered to us were typically too expensive, or in a neighborhood I was uncomfortable with (not good for someone who is paranoid of having her place being broken into), or in too rough of shape.

On Tuesday of last week, we were ready to sign papers for a place owned by Boardwalk. We had to wait until morning, as the office was closed for the day. That night, we got a phone call. See, I had posted an ad that Gilles and I were looking for a place on Kijiji, as my boss had told me she knows several people who rent out places that merely go through the Wanted ads, rather than actually posting the place and having to field 100 calls.

So, we got this phone call on Tuesday night at ~ 9:30PM, from a woman who has a house for rent. She wanted us to drive by the house and see if we were interested, and then give her a call back. We looked at the place, and loved what we saw. We called back immediately.

Our appointment to see the place was on Friday. Both Gilles and I fell in love with the place, and had a very hard time not getting our hopes up. She told us afterward that we are the type of people that she is looking for to rent the place, but still had a couple of appointments to show the place on Sunday, so there was no guarantee we would get it.

At work yesterday, I overheard a phone call that my boss received. At first I didn’t clue in on what was going on, just that she was talking about me a lot. It didn’t clue in that she was giving a reference for me until she said “Well, I’ve only met Gilles a couple times…”

I was walking on eggshells for the rest of the work day, wanting to get home to check the answering machine terribly bad.

At lunch, I received a phone call (immediately after exploding my bowl of soup all over the microwave) from a couple that had been holding a duplex for us. She asked if we had any idea what our situation was yet. I told her that we were still waiting to hear back from the lady about the house, but were expecting to hear back that day. She told me that they could no longer hold the duplex for us. It killed me to let that opportunity pass, but I said okay. I was still quite shaken from my soup exploding, so I don’t know whether I said thank-you or anything.

Gilles got home before me, and informed me that the only message on our machine was from CAA – none about the house. I asked my neighbor if she had been phoned for a reference, and she said no. I started to worry. (After all, isn’t that what I do best?)

Finally, shortly after Gilles and I sat down to eat supper, the phone rang. Despite the fact that we have no Call ID, and she usually called later in the night, I knew it was her. She asked Gilles to put her on speaker-phone. Aaaand… *drumroll please* we got the house! (Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?)

We sign the papers and hand over August’s rent tonight. Gilles wants me to wait to put it on Facebook until he can tell his family in person, which I can understand. Upon my asking if I could put it on my blog, he responded “Yeah, I don’t care. No one reads it anyway”.

Thanks, sweetie.

Although it is difficult to see in this picture, this is our new home:

(Soon-to-be) Home Sweet Home

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