March 24, 2011

What I Learned Today – March 23, 2011

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That it doesn’t make sense to do a ‘What I learned today’ post, in the middle of the day. I have decided to talk about what I learned yesterday each day instead. It just makes sense. After all, if you are posting first thing in the morning how much can you honestly have learned?

In other news, my weight is up. 189 this morning.

I don’t get it.

That is as heavy as I was before I started trying to lose weight for the wedding, in November.

Is it because I’m gaining muscled from going to the gym again? That is what makes sense, and that is what I am trying to tell myself, but at the same time… 10 lbs of muscle in two weeks? I don’t get it.

Maybe I’m retaining a lot of water. I do feel kinda bloated.

Or maybe, maybe I’m not eating as well as I thought I was.

I don’t know.


October 29, 2010


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I am a Planning Freak. That could be my official title. Not having a plan for the littlest thing bothers me – a lot. Sometimes I think I’m borderline OCD.

I have a day planner that I put all my assignments, meetings, events and trips in, and if someone is coming to visit, they get put in there too.

My wedding has been planned in my head for years… now that I actually know who I want to marry, some adjustments have been made to suit his personality, but very few. We aren’t even engaged yet.

I have every weekend booked, confirmed and planned from now until mid-December. The only reason why I am not booked until mid-January is that I am waiting to hear from a few others about their December schedules.

I plan what I am going to do each evening at least two days in advance. If friends call and want to go out, or come over (etc.), I have a hard time not getting upset, because it forces my plans to change.

I plan eating out, I plan my shopping trips, I plan doing laundry. I have lists, and lists, and lists.

I think I have always been this way to an extent. I had an agenda that I sometimes used in high school – I would use it especially once I started working and had more time management needs. But in high school I was still up for spontanaity spontenaity spontaneity.

This ‘phenomenon’ must have developed as a direct result of University. I can’t see any other explanation. With the exception of my very first semester, I have always worked while in University. Thus, time management has become a crucial part of my life. Right now I am on the final bend in the road. I have two classes left. My final exams are December 6 and 7. After that, I’m free. (And I can put some fun little letters after my name if I want.)

But focusing on the now, I am starting to notice that I am not only trying to plan out my life, I am trying to plan Gilles’ too.

Has this become an obsession and a part of my personality, or will it begin to dissipate post-degree completion, when I have more free time? I’m hoping for option 2.

August 25, 2010


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I need to hear back from you.

See, I need to know what you think.

Do you like Ten on Tuesdays? Do you like Fun Finds Fridays?

I do know that I need to add in more personal posts in between. I am aware that my blog has been a little bit… overwhelmed by these weekly posts as of late, because I had fallen behind.

Unless you tell me not to, I will continue to catch up with these posts. I enjoy doing it. But at the same time, I will continue to put actual posts in here… posts where you get to see what I’m thinking, feeling, doing. I haven’t been doing a very good job of that lately.

My life… is weird lately. That is really the best way I have to describe it. I am so used to being in school. I have been in university for four years now, and highschool/elementary for 12 years before that. School is a fact of life.

It’s not as though I’m not going to be in school this fall. In fact, I start school again two weeks from yesterday.

But this year, I’m going to be taking two night classes. And that’s it. Two night classes.

This will be the first time that I can remember, where I am not going to school full-time in the fall.

Granted, I’ll be busier than ever. This fall I will be taking an English and a Commerce class… two classes that are both very heavy in reading and writing. I will also be working full-time, and I’m praying that my weight-loss/fitness journey will not be negatively affected by this. (I’ll write more about this journey at some point, you can count on it.) In fact, I think my gym membership becomes active again on the 7th. I hope my gym membership becomes active again on the 7th. I’ve never been a part-time student before. Am I afforded less priviledges than the full-time students? I hope not.

See, I’d really like to get back onto my 5x/week gym routine. 30 min, 3 days/week, 1hr30min, 2 days/week. And if my gym membership does not activate in the fall, I’ll have to put together the money to buy a membership elsewhere. It isn’t a question.

My body has been crying for the gym for sometime now. It’s weird. In the past I would have never said that I enjoy the gym. I had to drag myself there, Every Damn Time. But it’s been four months since I’ve been to the gym now, more than that if you count that I didn’t go to the gym as frequently as I would have liked during finals in April. The last “real” physical activity I had was my marathon in May. May 30th.

Today, it feels like someone has punched me in the ribs. I don’t know why it is like that, but I do know that a good cardiovascular work-out would make that feeling go away.

After work today I will be going to the hospital to meet my Grandma for coffee. She is there for her check-up, and wants to see me before she leaves the city. She still doesn’t know that Gilles and I live together. I want to tell her. I don’t want to tell her. I really don’t know what I want to do there. I’m sure you’ll hear more on that front.

Anyway, my point is that I will be late getting to the house, where I will rush and make supper, but Gilles wants to spend at least two hours at the apartment cleaning today since we didn’t get there yesterday because he wasn’t feeling well. … I was thinking about going to Regina with Gilles this weekend. I won’t be. I’ll be staying home cleaning the apartment instead.

Haha did I mention that right now is my “non-busy” time? My classes are done for the summer and don’t start again until the 7th. I guess it is more of a “not busy + moving = pretending not to be busy”?

Anyway, I’m taking off the 3rd from work, so that I can have an extra long labour day weekend. That’ll be my summer vacation this year. I can’t wait.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from my high school graduation, as I think that they are appropriate for today’s subject. Enjoy!

August 20, 2010

Today’s Forecast: Sunny and partly… smokey?

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It may be because I am already coughing, but the smoke in today’s air is unmistakable, and even the Star Phoenix’s weather update recognizes it:

Do you know what this is from? Is it from the forest fires up north? While that would seem like the obvious answer, why wouldn’t they have affected us before?

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