July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday – Take 4

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Ten Things to do Instead of Watch TV

1 – Surf the internet: the internet has a million things to look at, play with, and watch that are fully customized to your liking. In fact, I spend much more time on the internet than watching TV because of this very fact.

2 – Read a book: seriously. The way I see it, if you don’t get at least one novel finished every month, you are not spending enough time reading. (This is a big distinction by the way, from my childhood belief that you had to finish at least two novels/week.)

3 – Take a walk / bike ride: If the weather is good, why not get out of the house? No matter where you are, there is always somewhere to go. You can go along the river (if you are in Saskatoon), or go down the street looking at houses (if you are in a town or city), or you can just go down the road and take in the fresh air, if you are on the farm. Just go.

4 – Go out for coffee: In my area, there are tons of cute little coffee shops begging me to grace their doorways with my presence. (Okay, that may be an exaggeration. Maybe the begging is more on my end.) But my point is, coffee shops are a great place to connect with friends/family/loved ones, and take in a bit of the local culture at the same time.

5 – Go to a play: The boob-tube isn’t the only way to escape into an alternate reality, where everything is scripted and laid out in front of you. In fact, plays are a great way to a) socialize, b) have fun, c) unwind, d) have a laugh/cry, e) all of the above

6- Go to an art show or museum: Okay, I am guilty with this one. I always say that I want to get down to the Mendel Art Gallery to see their shows… I probably say that every time a new show is announced. However, I have yet to ever go to the Gallery! This is on my list of stuff to do this year though (we’ll see if I actually get to it).

7 – Knit/Cross-stitch: Bringin’ out my grandmotherly side here 😛 I love to relax by knitting or cross-stitching. Right now I’m cross-stitching a piece for my future sister-in-law’s nursery.

8 – Clean: If I spend a lot of time watching TV, chances are it means I’m procrastinating and my house is a mess.

9 – Bake: Maybe this should have gone before clean. I love to bake. Unfortunately, I don’t eat the baking, and it usually ends up either a) going bad before it gets finished, or b) passed around at work to

10 – Sleep. Argh I am so tired right now, and while it isn’t the case today, this often occurs because I ‘have’ to finish my television program before I go to bed…


July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday – Take 3

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Today’s Ten on Tuesday is 10 things to bring camping.

As I was supposed to go camping this weekend (but unfortunately didn’t so I don’t have any delicious photos for you), this list should be quite easy to write up…

1. A tent. If you’re going to stay in a trailer or a cabin, that’s not camping. You might-as-well stay in a hotel and spend your days on the campground and call it camping. T-E-N-T.

2. Sandals. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, having to go to the bathroom or whatever else, and having to stick your feet in cold, wet shoes. (Okay, there are many worse things but you know what I’m getting at). Make it easy on yourself and wear sandals.

3. A good book. Whether you are relaxing on the beach, or chillin’ by the fire, a good book is your best companion while camping.

4. Hot dog sticks and pie plates. If it can’t be stuck on a stick or fried in a pie plate, I’m not eating it while camping.

5. Bug spray. We live in Saskatchewan. ‘Nuf said.

6. A ‘sexy’ hat. Don’t even pretend you’re going to do your hair while camping. You’ll be lucky if you even get me to brush my hair while camping. Grab, add elastic, add hat, good to go!

7. A bathing suit. Okay, maybe most people can’t do this, but seeing as I used to work 60 hrs/week as a lifeguard/swimming instructor, I’m used to it… People, you’re not going to see me fully dressed very often while camping. My bathing suit, and maybe a pair of shorts/sweats becomes the extent of my wardrobe while camping.

8. Good runners. Remember what I said about sandals? Good. Don’t use these runners in the middle of the night. I’m talking tight, lace up runners that will give you some grip and support. Because baby, I’m not hiking in flip flops.

9. Newspapers. As ‘farm girl’ and ‘outdoorsy’ as I may claim to be, I also have little patience when it comes to fires. When I want a fire, I want it now. I don’t want to sit down and smack rocks together or even start pieces of bark with my matches. I want a bunch of newspaper so I can crunch it up under my wood teepee, and tip a lighter underneath it. Voila. Instant fire.

10. Aloe Vera. Did you notice sunscreen was missing from the list? That’s for a good reason. Sure, I’d pack it. I always do. Problem is, I never remember to put it on until it’s too late. Thus, some good aloe vera to cool down the burn is infinitisimally more important than sunscreen.

Happy camping!

July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday – Take 2

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Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is “10 Things You Like About Where You Live”.

While this topic is rather generic and could apply to the actual building, the city, the province, or even the country, I will speak to the apartment I am in right now. As I mentioned yesterday, I think that this will really cleanse my mind and help me move on.

So, here we go:

10     Things I like about my Apartment:

1.     The price. The apartment I am currently in is quite literally the cheapest price that you can get on a single bedroom apartment on the East side of the city. I’m only paying $545/month for rent, and that includes heat and water.

2.    The size. For a one bedroom apartment, mine is actually quite large. Gilles moved in after I had already furnished the apartment, so we have two of almost everything jammed into the apartment. Granted, it is using up every single inch of available wall-space and we are having to be very creative about finding storage for everything, but I’d be hard-pressed to find a single bedroom apartment elsewhere that could fit:

    • Bedroom:
      • A double bed
      • Three dressers
      • An entertainment centre
      • A small half-table
      • Two plastic storage units
    • Living room
      • Three bookshelves
      • Two rocking chairs
      • Two couches (one full, one loveseat/hideabed)
      • An entertainment centre
      • A large DVD cabinet
      • A side-table
      • My fish tank
      • Gilles’ hockey equipment
      • Two desks
    • Bathroom
      • A plastic storage unit under the sink
      • A laundry basket doubling as a towel basket under the sink
    • Kitchen
      • Stove
      • Double-sink
      • Fridge
      • Family-sized table
      • 4 chairs
      • A filing cabinet
      • A microwave
      • My coffeemaker
      • A toaster-oven (on top of microwave, on top of filing cabinet – as I said, creative storage)
      • A 4×4′ deep freezer

3.    The proximity to everything. For university, this apartment was perfect. It is only a 20 minute bike ride to campus, and there are three grocery stores within a five-block range (and two more just out of that). It is also within walking distance to the Centre Mall, and is very easy for people to find and get to if they aren’t used to the city.

4.    The ‘non-floodingness’. Okay, I know that isn’t a word, but we could have been in big trouble this spring. Many homes had their basements flooded in the ridiculous amount of rain that Saskatoon has faced, but we were lucky enough to just have some irritatingly leaky windows. Nothing a towel couldn’t mop up.

5.   When all is well and good in the world, the apartment cools down fast. I have to add “when all is well and good in the world”, because we have had a lot of problems with hot water leaking from the bathtub faucet, and thus making the apartment impossible to cool down. However, when the tub is not leaking, it is very easy and very quick to cool down the apartment, as it has both north and east facing windows, and the layout allows for great air circulation.

6. Great neighbours. Granted, we have had a few… scary neighbours over the last two years that I lived there. (One got hauled out by the cops and there was a notice on the door saying that he would be charged with a criminal offense if he tried to enter the building, for two weeks.) But one of the biggest things I’ve noticed about cities is that no one talks to each other. If you don’t know anyone when you move into your place, chances are you won’t know them when they move out. It is like that with about half of our neighbours. But the other half, we talk to on a regular basis, and can even call some of them friends (and no, we didn’t know anyone when we moved in.)

7. I don’t have to share my place with strangers. Both Gilles and I have tried the “move in with someone you’ve never met and hope to God you get along” method, and neither worked out very well. I love being able to come home to our own place, without having to worry about whether John Doe will bring home another random girl or Jane Doe will flip out because I didn’t (heaven forbid) shake out my shoes before coming in.

8. No yardwork. I am not sure whether to list this as a pro or a con. I really enjoy yardwork, and look forward to the possibility of having a compost bin and collecting rainwater, and having a garden – but I don’t enjoy shovelling snow, and I know that sometimes the yardwork added on top of everything else in my life will make me crazy.

9. Well-patrolled. A big part of the problem that I have with the apartment that I am in now, is the safety level. However, it has always given me some piece of mind that the front of the apartment is patrolled regularily, as well as the alley. As brutal as it may sound, I like knowing that if my place gets broken into or I get killed, the cops will notice the same day.

10. They never once increased the rent. I know that this could fall under the financial category as listed before, but I think that this deserves a special number. Despite the fact that the lease is month-to-month and they could have increased rent at any time (and many would argue deservedly so based on the price, despite the quality of the building). The fact that I never have to worry about coming up with rent here has been a definite plus.

Well, that was a lot harder to do than I had hoped, but I think that it helped a lot. I am able to look at the apartment … well, almost in a fond sense. Not quite, but close. At the very least, I no longer destest it.

I do have three appointments to view other properties tonight however, and that may have something to do with my current mindset as well 🙂

July 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday – Take 1

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Following in the footsteps of one of my favourite bloggers, I have decided to join Carole Knits’  “Ten on Tuesday” posse.

The idea is that every Tuesday she will email you a new topic. For each topic you must come up with and blog about ten things that you like about said topic. I think it is a great way to spread out some positive energy.

Anyway, today’s topic is Ten Ways to Celebrate Summer.

(By the way – these pictures aren’t mine, I just thought it would look way cooler with a photo collage 😀 )

10 Ways to Celebrate Summer

1. Camping – Can’t. Wait. Soon! I get to finally go tenting on the 16th!

2. Sunbathing – I loove to stretch out like a cat in the sun with a good book.

3. Attending festivals – Jazzfest, Summer Solstice, Taste of Saskatchewan, Folkfest…. (Hey look! My sister is in the picture of people dancing at Solstice! Cool!)

4. Barbequeing – Nothing says summer like freshly barbequed steak, vegetable shish-kabobs, and corn on the cob.

5. Swimming – I used to be a lifeguard, what can I say?

6. Walk along the river – I like to get out at least every second night if not every night to walk around the river. It gets me some exercise and some one-on-one time with my sweetie.

7. Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan (Okay, so this year will be my first year going, but I have been going to plays like they are going out of style lately)

8. Garden – My little parking lot garden has become almost an obsession this year. Whoulda thunk I’d be sitting on the concrete pulling little tiny weeds out of potted plants?

9. Picnics – I love to go down to the riverside and cook hamburgers on their public grill. My only regret on this front however is that you have to buy wood at the 7-11 and haul it down there… it would be nice to have a site nearby to buy wood and support the city at the same time.

10. Fresh fruit and vegetables! – I absolutely love eating the fruit and vegetables from my parents and grandparents farms as it comes into season. I visit in the summer, help out in the garden a bit, and get sent home with bags and bags of produce!

Hmm… I noticed that many of these are food-related. Perchance I am hungry??

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